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Man causes huge traffic jam blocking bus after missing it

Jess Hardiman

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Viral footage shows the moment a man managed to cause a huge traffic jam by blocking the bus that he’d just missed.

The clip was posted on TikTok by @nofaceldn, and shows the bloke brazenly standing in front of the double decker – in turn forcing a huge queue of traffic to build up behind it.

The footage, which has racked up more than 600,000 views on the platform, shows the man stood in the middle of the road, defiantly blocking the path of a 113 bus destined for Marble Arch in London.

The person recording can be heard saying: "Look at this. Stopping the bus until you can jump on.


"Look at the traffic he's caused. He's caused traffic just because he couldn't get on the bus... look at all the traffic."

They also added in the caption: “I know what to do when I miss the bus now.”

And they’ve got a point, because – miraculously – the fella’s technique ended up working, and the bus driver eventually just let him on. A ballsy move, if ever there was one.

Many TikTok users said they couldn’t help but ‘respect’ the man’s efforts, even if it did lead to an almighty traffic jam behind the bus.

He managed to get his way in the end. Credit: TikTok/@nofaceldn
He managed to get his way in the end. Credit: TikTok/@nofaceldn

“I salute him,” one said.

Someone else wrote: “Some bus drivers really see you running for that bus and spin off. This is the new way.”

Another commented: “Imagine if the driver made him move to the side then drove off."


A fourth added: “Have to respect it.”

Still, it’s not necessarily an approach we’d recommend... you’re probably best just being on time.

Another TikTok user, who just so happens to be a bus driver, recently explained why those behind the wheel won't open the doors for you once it's closed at a stop.

The Fatbus Driver (who is really called Stephen and works for the public transport service in Glasgow) said one question he's asked quite often is what we're here to talk about today: why exactly do they leave passengers stranded once the doors are closed?


He said it's not because it's just funny for them - well, in most cases anyway.

"Quite a lot of people don’t know this," he explained in a recent video.

Stephen works as a bus driver in Glasgow. Credit: TikTok/@fatbusdriver87
Stephen works as a bus driver in Glasgow. Credit: TikTok/@fatbusdriver87

"If this is in the town, we are under TRC conditions which means they’re enforced by Glasgow City Council and SPT and our own inspectors."


Stephen went on to say that as soon as they've serviced a stop and the doors are closed, they're not permitted to open them again.

"The company faces a fine and can have their bus license for that vehicle taken off, which means it costs them money," he continued.

"And we can get into serious s**t for it into the bargain. So that's why that is, it’s nothing to do with the drivers.

"OK, maybe some drivers. I can't speak for them all, I can only speak for myself.

"So if it’s in the town that’s what it is, if it’s outside the town, chances are I can't speak because it was not me."

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Jess Hardiman
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