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Man confesses to murdering landlord 15 years ago and burying him in house, police say

Man confesses to murdering landlord 15 years ago and burying him in house, police say

Tony Peralta made the confession to police

A US man has claimed he murdered his landlord and buried him in his home nearly 15 years ago.

In December 2008, William 'Bill' Blodgett suddenly disappeared, with Blodgett's son, Greg, reporting him missing on 3 January 2009.

Police say that no one in Blodgett's family had been in contact with him for ten days, leading to Greg reporting his disappearance to authorities.

Following that, a full investigation took place, with police learning Blodgett reportedly had an issue with his tenant, a man named Tony Peralta.

A police affidavit says Blodgett tried to evict Peralta, 38, at the time of his sudden disappearance, with the latter interviewed by police over a decade ago.

But 'no new leads' came from the interview, leading to police believing Peralta was not a suspect.

Police didn't believe Peralta to be a suspect.
Roswell Police Department

Authorities tried everything they could to try and find Blodgett, talking with neighbours and using a cadaver dog, but they had no luck.

What was even more worrying was the fact Blodgett's car was still parked at the home and there were no withdrawals from his bank account.

After some time, police closed the case after they stated it had gone 'cold'.

The police report cited in the affidavit said: "All leads in reference to this case have been exhausted. This case will be closed pending further leads or information."

But after all these years, the case opened up last month after Peralta borrowed a phone, called the police, and admitted to killing Blodgett nearly 15 years ago, according to an arrest affidavit.

Peralta turned himself in on 1 May.
Roswell Police Department

After calling the Roswell Police Department on 1 May, Peralta is now facing a first-degree murder charge, according to the Chaves County District Attorney’s Office.

In a video released by the Roswell Police Department, Peralta can be heard saying: "I’m just tired of covering it up. I’m tired of living with my life, sir."

Peralta told authorities he had taken some pills and was drinking before he called the police and made the confession.

Speaking of Blodgett, Peralta said: "He was a good man and didn’t deserve what I did. He was always good to me and I took his life for no reason."

In police footage, Peralta can be seen taking officers to the Roswell home where the crime allegedly happened.

Officers are seen digging with shovels, with one eventually screaming 'there’s a shoe'.

The affidavit states authorities found several bones, including a skull.

Peralta is expected to be back in court on 21 August for a status conference hearing, where a trial date will be decided.

Featured Image Credit: Roswell Police Department

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