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Man goes on furious rant after having to wait eight minutes for his food at McDonald’s

Man goes on furious rant after having to wait eight minutes for his food at McDonald’s

The father of two was not very McHappy after being made to wait for two McFlurries and a drink.

A dad was fuming after having to wait for eight minutes to get his food from McDonald's.

Metro reported that the father of two, Imran Patel, took his two kids to the fast food chain in West Yorkshire yesterday (February 20).

However, the dad was not a very McHappy meal after waiting eight minutes for two McFlurries and a milkshake.

The father began tapping his foot as other orders from companies such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo were prioritised.

Greg Balfour Evans / Alamy Stock Photo

The man alleged that he had been waiting 15 minutes; however, CCTV footage revealed that it was eight minutes instead.

But hell hath no fury like a toe-tapping dad that has been left on read.

He told the Metro: “I’d only gone in there for two McFlurrys and a milkshake, with it just being drinks it should only take five minutes for them to get it ready.

“I wouldn’t have minded but it was completely empty in there too.”

He continued: “It feels like if you actually go in to the restaurant you’re kind of ignored, like the delivery orders are more important.”

Following the encounter, a spokesman for McDonald’s told Metro: “Customer satisfaction is a priority of ours and we place great emphasis on providing a fantastic experience to everyone who orders at McDonald’s, be it in-store, through the drive-thru or via our delivery partners.

“In any instance that we don’t meet those high standards, we’d encourage customers to speak with the restaurant team to deal with their concerns immediately.”

Similarly, last year, a seething customer blockaded a drive-thru for two hours and refused to move until police arrived at the scene.


Stuart Yates parked and refused to get out of the way after demanding a refund for a couple of sausage and egg McMuffins in a McDonald's in Leyland, Lancashire.

The man said that staff had told him to wait in the car park as they prepared his food.

However, Yates refused and told the employee that he was forced to wait last time.

He said: “A week ago I got made to wait in the car park for over 15 minutes. A lad spotted me and said ‘oh, it’s him again’, because last time I complained.

"They said go and wait in the car park… I said ‘I’m not going anywhere until I get my food’.”

Yates said he was then offered a cash refund but wanted the refund put back onto the card he originally paid with and vowed to stay there for ‘a week’ if necessary.

The man ultimately stayed in the drive-thru for two hours before police removed him.

Yates admitted that he never got his egg McMuffins and ordered two Big Macs via Uber Eats when he got home.

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