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Aussie Bloke Who Found Huge Spider In His Car Has Kept Her As A Pet For A Year

Aussie Bloke Who Found Huge Spider In His Car Has Kept Her As A Pet For A Year

He said the spider has doubled in size over the past year

An Aussie bloke who found a spider in his car didn’t do the usual ‘scream and get rid as quickly as possible’ tactic and instead decided to strike up a bit of a friendship with his new ‘pet’.

Chris Taylor, 42, first found the six-inch spider on his dashboard in February last year, but rather than reach for the insect repellent - or a rolled up newspaper - he decided the arachnid could stay and, a year on, it still lives in his car. 


The spider, who was affectionately named Steve before Chris realised she was a girl, has grown magnificently over the last year while Chris has proudly watched on. 

Chris said: “She just appeared one day about a year ago on the dashboard when I stopped at the lights.

“She was only about half the size she is now though, I’ve watched her grow. 

“I did get her out of the car a few months ago but the next day she was back under the sun visor, so she likes it in my car for some reason. 


“I’m not scared of spiders in general, so I let her stay in there even though I don’t appreciate it when she falls into my lap.

“Or when she appears 10cm above my head on the headlining while driving at 124mph.

“I had her fall on my lap one time and almost hit the Sydney Harbour tunnel wall. I named him Steve, because why not? I have seen been told, however, that he is she.

“When I have passengers in my car they are often startled or scream. Steve is great at keeping me more alert when I drive." 


Although the two have formed a bit of an odd bond, Chris said they’re not best pals just yet, but admits that driving is ‘more exciting’ with her onboard and that she saves him a fair bit of cash as his mates are too scared to get into his car to mooch a lift. 

He said: "I’ll let her stay, I’m saving money as no one wants a lift anymore. 

“I like her but wouldn’t say we’re close friends. Yet! 

"I would be a bit sad if she decided to leave. Driving is far more exciting with her in there." 

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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