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Man Plans On Becoming A Millionaire After Working Six Jobs From Home

Man Plans On Becoming A Millionaire After Working Six Jobs From Home

The man anonymously wrote on Reddit that he works in IT

A man who does six work-from-home jobs claims he will be a millionaire in no time.

The anonymous Redditor revealed on the thread True Off My Chest that he currently works in IT and is said to be well-known in his field of work.

His story goes, that he was forced to take up a second job in the pandemic and ever since, his contractor workload has been increasing massively.

He wrote: "I have been taking on more jobs, and I am currently working six full-time jobs now.

"Working from home has enabled this. I could not have done this if I had to go to the office. I am based in Europe, and this year I will be doing around 700K USD (£516,129)."

Speaking about his clients, he added: "In their eyes, I am probably a developer a bit slow, but not terrible (I am good at my craft, and I work during meetings).

"They probably do not take me as a social person since I do not collaborate too much in meetings."


He even claims that in a couple years he would have made enough to retire and will be a millionaire before the age of 40, which sounds like a dream.

Despite questioning the ethics of working for many companies, the Redditor seemed to be pretty pleased. I mean, can you blame him?

Although some were happy for him, not all in the comments were totally convinced.

"Every time someone beats the system and finds a way to get what they deserve without making another person miserable, I'm a happy person. Keep going, man," someone wrote.

"Six jobs? Damn. Some tips for me, please? I'm struggling to land even a single job," another added.

On the other hand, a third person wrote: "Yup. This person is a contractor, which isn't the same as doing six full-time jobs. I think the 700K (£516,129) number is an exaggeration as well (because he's not doing full-time work).

"That said, I do know people in their early thirties earning that much from regular full-time IC jobs (counting stock appreciation). Two jobs might be doable, but six jobs is complete and utter bulls***."


Someone else who claimed to be an engineer also thinks that the 'logistics' of working six jobs would be too much to handle.

They wrote: "As an actual engineer, I call BS on this for several reasons - first, just the general logistics of working six jobs. Most companies work in an Agile environment, and dev teams point work on difficultly.

"The burn-down charts would expose you after a couple of sprints (2wk~month).

"Second, if you're using company equipment, it's monitored. So you'd be tracked on times of inactivity or more. Then you'd have all the meetings. And of course, they'd conflict.

"As a contractor, you wouldn't last long missing meetings as a remote worker. That doesn't even include the actual time it takes to get stuff done. But this would be obvious for someone 'relatively known' in their field. Enjoy your free internet points."

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