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Man refuses to give up his seat on flight to let passenger sit next to his wife on her birthday

Man refuses to give up his seat on flight to let passenger sit next to his wife on her birthday

Jay Kloss revealed that he was separated from his wife in the business class section of a Virgin flight.

A flight passenger has sparked a big debate after a man refused to swap seats with him so he could sit next to his wife on her birthday.

Melbourne man Jay Kloss revealed in a TikTok that he was separated from his wife Zoe in the business class section of a Virgin flight. You can listen to him tell the story below:

As a result, he asked the man sitting next to his partner if he would switch seats, which would’ve been the same aisle seat, just on the other side.

He recalled the incident in a TikTok video, where he said: “Hey, would you mind moving so I could sit with my missus? It's her birthday."

However, the man looked at him blankly and ignored him.

He continued: “I was like, 'Is it possible if you switch to here?' He was like, 'No, I won't, but I'll sit here [Zoe's window seat]'."

However, Kloss told the man that his wife was not the ‘best flyer’ and could get ‘super nauseous’; therefore, she needed to be seated by a window.

But the man still refused.

The man was fuming about the plane confrontation.
TikTok/@ jaykloss_

“Either way, he's either getting the exact same spot just on the other side of the aisle. But he won't take that, he's like, 'Nah, I'll only move to here [Zoe's window seat]'," Kloss says.

"So, he'll make us sit on either side of the aisle, just for no reason.

"It's the same seat so anyway, I'm like, 'Bro, really? You sure you can't swap seats with us?' And he just doesn't respond to me."

He then said his wife decided to intervene.

Kloss continued: "Zoe says, 'Hey, excuse me, is it possible for us to switch seats, is there some sort of problem? It's my birthday today, I'd like to sit with my partner'.

"And he's like, 'Nah, no problem, just not moving'."

A confused Kloss added: “Like what the f**k? Am I missing something?'

"Can somebody explain to me, what the hell is going on here? It's the same seat, just on a different side of the aisle."

Jes2ufoto / Alamy Stock Photo

However, this question made the comment section sound off.

One person defended the couple and wrote: “​​I’m w[ith] you. What’s the difference? You don’t own the plane, is the guy attached the seat. Be a good person and help them out. It’s the same seat.”

Another said: “Miserable people mate."

However, many claimed the couple was acting entitled.

One user commented: “So what if it’s her birthday...she’s not five. Book the seats you want in future. Simples."

A third seethed: “Why should your inability to plan affect someone else in any way?”

While another said: “It was the ‘same seat’ to you but not to him. I always book and pay for a seat exactly where I want it. End of story.”

Don't even ask these people about reclining the seat fully.

Featured Image Credit: jay.kloss/TikTok. Justin Kase zsixz / Alamy Stock Photo

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