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Man Sets Guinness World Record After Eating Most Big Macs In A Lifetime

Man Sets Guinness World Record After Eating Most Big Macs In A Lifetime

Donald Gorske, from Fond du Lac in Wisconsin, has eaten at least one McDonald’s Big Mac every day since 1972

While many of might think we’ve packed away a fair few Big Macs in our lives, nothing compares to the efforts of a man in the US – who has set a Guinness World Record for doing precisely that. 

Donald Gorske, from Fond du Lac in Wisconsin, has eaten at least one McDonald’s Big Mac every day since 1972, with an average working out as two daily. 

Guinness World Records

He first obtained the coveted title for the Most Big Mac Burgers Eaten In a Lifetime back in 1999, but as now bested his record 22 years later, having totalled his burger-eating count to 32,340 Big Macs. 

Gorske can even vividly remember the first time he had one – recalling how he immediately realised he’d be eating many, many more in his lifetime. 

“I drove straight to McDonald’s, got my first three Big Macs, then got in the car and ate them,” he told Guiness World Records.  

“In that moment I said ‘I’m going to probably eat these for the rest of my life’. I threw the cartons in the back of my seat, and started counting them from day one.” 

Guinness World Records

In the early days, he became so obsessed that he would eat up to nine burgers a day, but his routine now sees him chow down on an average of two each day – equating to a total of 14 per week. 

The McDonald’s favourite even featured in his dating life many years ago, when his now-wife Mary would sometimes bring him one as a surprise. 

Guinness World Records

She said: “Don Gorske did not tell me about his Big Mac obsession when we first met, I’m not sure It was quite an obsession then, he ate Big Macs every day. 

“Sometimes I would even bring him a Big Mac, I just didn’t realise it would go on forever." 

Gorske takes his passion very seriously, having kept track of every single Big Mac he’s eaten since the early 1970s. 

He’s even kept every container and receipt, organised in boxes and pouches by year, and marks them on a calendar to keep track of how many he’s had. 

Guinness World Records

With 563 calories per Big Mac, Gorske claims he still has a great blood sugar level and exceptionally good cholesterol, saying he walks about six miles a day to maintain his health. 

He says his other secret is mainly eating the two burgers per day as his general meals – rather than as a snack – and skipping the French fries. 

Featured Image Credit: Guinness World Records

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