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Man snaps his penis in three places after horror accident in the bedroom

Man snaps his penis in three places after horror accident in the bedroom

No, no, no, no, no.

A man has broken his penis in three places in a horrific sexcapade gone wrong.

But don't worry, lads. The man, from Tanzania, has since fully recovered from his horror injury.

Medics who were called to the hellish accident as an 'extremely rare urological emergency' had to operate on his poor penis to patch up the problem.

Doctors detailed the man's doodle dilemma in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

In the journal, health officials said the anonymous patient attended hospital with a swollen penis, complaining he was in pain and had been bleeding from his urethra for five hours. Yikes.

This tomato looks like a doodle.
GLC Pix / Alamy

Doctors wrote that his penis 'slipped out, lost [its] way and hit the female perineal area as he was trying to re-insert it'.

The man lost his erection rather quickly - as you would - and was in agony.

He later trotted off to a nearby health centre, where he was given painkillers, and was then referred to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre.

Dr Bartholomeo Nicholaus Ngowi and his team of urologists at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre reported the man's penis was 'a bit twisted'.

They also claimed it had ballooned in size and was covered in blood.

Yikes, yikes, yikes.

Anyway, an ultrasound revealed he had broken a blood vessel in the corpora cavernosa.

For the record, there are two spongy tubes inside the penis - the corpora cavernosa - that fill up with blood and harden, creating an erection.

So there's your science fact of the day.

Roman Lacheev / Alamy

An MRI follow-up showed the man had a tear from left to right through the tunica albuginea, corpora carvenosa and corpus spongiosum.

So, erectile tissue.

There was also a partial tear through the urethra and swelling from the stress of the injury.

Despite an erection being nicknamed 'a boner' there are no bones in the penis.

However, these sorts of injuries are still referred to as a penis 'fracture' by medical professionals.

The man was rushed into surgery, in which a urologist degloved his penis (do NOT Google that, fellas) and repaired the fracture by stitching up the corpora cavernosum, the urethra, and the corpus spongiosum.

So a triple fracture. He was discharged from hospital three days later.

The man with the decimated doodle did see doctors again six months after the injury, and reported he was having sex again - though hopefully not in whatever position had caused the initial injury - and his penis function had returned to normal.

All's well that erects well, then.

Featured Image Credit: Tharakorn Arunothai / Alamy Stock Photo. Andor Bujdoso / Alamy Stock Photo

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