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Man takes close up photo of python, gets brutally attacked seconds later

Man takes close up photo of python, gets brutally attacked seconds later

It seems the huge python wasn't keen on being filmed

An Aussie man was left ‘pouring with blood’ after he got too close to a snake while out on a hike.

Joey Zayne was out walking in Behana Gorge in Cairns when he came across the python in a tree and whipped out his camera before getting a closer look. You can see how that played out for him here:

In footage shared online, Joey can be heard saying: “A beautiful snake just above the Behana.”

But it appears the snake was feeling a little bit camera shy and didn’t take kindly to Joey invading its personal space.

The eight-foot long python lunged at Joey and bit him on the face, leaving blood gushing from the wounds. Ouch.

Still filming, Joey can be seen holding a t-shirt to his bleeding face while explaining that its ‘pouring out’ of him. Not ideal.

He says: “It’s coming out really quickly.

“I’m feeling fine. It’s just crazy how much blood.”

Joey was left bloodied after the run in.
Joey Zayne

In case this video wasn’t warning enough - a snake expert has stressed that if you happen to come across one of the reptiles in the wild you should leave it well alone.

David Walton from Cairns Snake Removals told 7 News: “If you see a snake, you know, just give him a wide berth.”

Walton said that usually snakes aren’t going to attack unless given good reason - so don’t give them one.

“Snakes do not attack or bite for no reason,” he added.

“They have to really feel the need to give a defensive response in a vulnerable situation.”

While the python in the clip above can give a very nasty bite - as we saw - it isn’t venomous, unlike several snakes that inhabit Australia.

He used a t-shirt to soak up the blood.
Joey Zayne

Last week, a dad from Adelaide was hailed a hero after he saved his two-year-old daughter from one of the deadliest snakes in the world.

Jake Coombe was at home with his family, when he went out in the hallway where his toddler daughter Alba was playing.

Noticing the garage door was still open, he rushed to Alba and found the little girl face to face with the deadly eastern brown snake.

As it went to strike her, the heroic dad pulled his daughter into his arms and was bitten on the foot by the angry reptile.

Incredibly, the snake gave Mr Coombe a ‘dry bit’, which means no venom was released.

After spending the night in hospital to recover, the brave dad was given a clean bill of health.

Featured Image Credit: Joey Zayne

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