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Man's Trick With Sachet Of Sugar Has People Absolutely Baffled

Man's Trick With Sachet Of Sugar Has People Absolutely Baffled

The video was posted on TikTok by user @jadon.ray, garnering 6.5 million views and more than 500,000 likes

A man’s magic trick involving a sachet of sugar has baffled the internet – although some people think they’ve cracked it. Watch the trick here: 

The video was posted on TikTok by user @jadon.ray, garnering 6.5 million views and more than 500,000 likes. 

In the clip, we see the man open up the sachet of sugar and pouring it into his left hand, which is clenched shut with a small opening for the sugar to go into. 


He then packs the sugar in with his other hand and pops the empty sachet in his mouth to hold, before appearing to throw the sugar into the air. 

He then grabs the empty sachet with his left hand, and then seems to catch the sugar with his right hand. 

The bloke finishes the trick by pouring the sugar from his right hand back into the empty sachet. 


Commenting on the TikTok video, one person said: “Me watching for the 100th time tryna figure out how.” 

Another said: “This is insane.” 

A third asked: “WHAT?” 

The clip also went viral when it was reposted on Twitter by Overtime, which wrote: “I’ve watched this 57 times and still can’t figure it out.” 

Some people speculated that he must have been handed something during he split second that his hand was out of the frame. 


But one Twitter user thinks it’s something much simpler, having broken it down in a thread using screengrabs from the video. 

User @mycroft16 wrote: “If you're mind is blown by this, it's a really great trick. If you want to know how he did it, continue the thread. It's very simple, but when done well, like this, it is so very effective. His misdirection and timing and acting are really good.” 

Walking us through the trick step-by-step, they continued: “Fake thumb already held in his left hand. 

Pour sugar into fake thumb in left hand. 

“Under guise of ‘packing sugar’ into left hand, actually inserts right thumb into the fake thumb. 

“Edge of fake thumb visible on right thumb as he pulls it from left palm. 

“Obscuring fake thumb and adjusting it using right fingers by making a flourish to distract. 

“Left arm up, eyes up = misdirection, draw audience attention that way and away from the right hand 

“Wiping sugar from left hand, carefully avoids touching right thumb. No one wraps thumb around outside of other hand when wiping. 

“Keeps right hand in motion to make it harder to see fake thumb. Red line is edge of fake thumb. Green is his actual thumb visible through the thing rubber. 

“Continued motion and using right palm to obscure thumb, but no one has a thumb that much longer than their fingers. 

“Applies pressure with middle (green) and pointer (red) fingers to open gap between thumb and fake to pour sugar out from while securing it in place. Sugar pours too far left to be coming from inside hand. 

“Your focus is now on the returned sugar in the left hand and he lowers is right out of your attention, but thumbs do not look like this.” 

Others also picked up on the same clues, but agreed the trick was still pretty impressive. 

Someone else said: “It's dope AF but the fake thumb is right there. Now watch again and you'll see him pour it in and even put it on. Again, still dope.” 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jadon.ray

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