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Aussies who call in sick after the public holiday for the Queen could cost nearly half a billion dollars

Aussies who call in sick after the public holiday for the Queen could cost nearly half a billion dollars

Ditching work this Friday could cause a huge hole in the economy.

Many Australians are expected to take Friday off to take advantage of the Thursday public holiday.

However, there's a huge financial downside to these plans.

According to new research by Finder, many Australians are predicted to chuck a sickie Friday following the public holiday commemorating Queen Elizabeth II.

While some might be planning on day drinking or electing to sit on the couch for a big Netflix binge, this week is already becoming a major headache for employers.

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Finder's research reveals that wagging on Friday (September 23) could cost employers a staggering $461 million (USD $309m or £271m).

Personal finance specialist at Finder Taylor Blackburn said in a press release: "This is how Black Friday got its name in the US – with the Thanksgiving holiday always on Thursday, many workers would not come in on the Friday – hence it was a dark day for owners.”

Aussies are certainly no strangers to the odd sick day or two.

The survey also found that four per cent of Australians have taken a sick day to care for a pet this year alone. However, the same number of people have used the uninspiring excuse to go shopping.

You lot will definitely not be crowned Employee of the Month anytime soon.

Additionally, two per cent have taken a day off to soak up those sun rays and spend it at the beach.

Blackburn shared that with good weather conditions, more Aussies are tempted to call in sick while prioritising their mental health.

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He said: "Your sick leave should be viewed as a safety net for serious injury or illness in most cases, but there are times when taking a day for yourself is healthy.

"A few companies have created a new brand of leave to deal with life that isn't strictly about running a fever.”

He added: "Finder introduced 'Life Leave' to give employees time to take a day whenever they need – for their pet, the beach or a family member – with no questions asked."

In stark contrast, research also found that 18 per cent of hard-working Australians haven’t taken a single day off this year.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones to have been granted a long weekend (Victoria, I’m looking at you), make sure you head out and support small businesses this weekend.

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