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Martyn Ford Vs Iranian Hulk Has Been Postponed

Martyn Ford Vs Iranian Hulk Has Been Postponed

The heavyweight fight has been removed from the card

Martyn Ford has revealed that his upcoming fight against Iranian Hulk on 30 April has been postponed. Watch what he has to say in the vid below:

The Hulk, who's real name is Sajad Gharibi, was set to face off against Ford, also dubbed as the 'World's Scariest Man' later in London this month.

Ford broke the bad news to social media and said: "This is a statement I didn't want to have to release but unfortunately my fight is going to be postponed.

"The event is still on, it's just my fight.

"The event will still go ahead and there are some great people and fights on.

"Unfortunately mine won't be one of them, for reasons out of my control.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure them all out.

"I don't want to go down the route of talking about it; too much time and energy has been wasted.

"I'm still training hard, there will be a debut. There will be a fight, I'm just not 100 percent sure who, when or why, but it will happen."

Sajad Gharibi.

The 'World's Scariest Man' has previously questioned whether the fight was ever going to take place after various delays and question marks surrounding Gharibi's unconventional training techniques.

He previously added: "A lot has been said, I am asking the question if he genuinely wants to fight me?

"Because I don’t want to step in the ring and be perceived as a bully and seen as intimidating someone who hasn’t put the same work in as I have.

"If he really wants to do this fight, tell everyone he wants to do this fight and don’t put it on me.

Martyn Ford.

“There is a lot of passion but at the end of the day your face goes in there face-to-face and it is fight or flight.

"So for me that was a case of ‘do you want to be here as well’ and for me that answer is no.

"If he agrees to step in and do it he needs to be ready.

"I expect if he is serious about fighting then he gets his a** into gear because I don’t want to disappoint people at the event."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Martyn Ford

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