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McDonald’s is introducing potato waffles to menu for the first time

McDonald’s is introducing potato waffles to menu for the first time

McDonald's is introducing potato waffles to the menu for the first time ever

McDonald's is bringing potato waffles onto its menu for the first time ever as the fast-food giant announced some major changes.

While Maccies has always been known for providing fries with pretty much everything (try dipping them in a McFlurry, seriously) its now offering potatoes in the deliciously waffle-y form God intended they be eaten in.

For just £1.39 you can buy yourself a trio of little potato waffles to munch on by themselves, or you can go and pick them up with other things as part of the breakfast menu.

The little potato waffles are just one of several new foods making their way onto the Maccies menu when the major changes kick in next Wednesday (19 October).

Joining potato waffles on the menu at McDonald's are the BBQ Bacon stack, which got chopped seemingly for good last year but is back by popular demand, and the McCrispy Burger.

The McCrispy is going to be the first permanent chicken burger added to the McDonald's menu in 15 years, so fans of that won't have to worry about it being here for a good time, not a long time.

McDonald's is bringing potato waffles onto the menu.

Sadly this does mean that just as some fresh faces and old favourites get onto the menu, other choices are up for the chop and won't be available to buy pretty soon.

As of Wednesday next week you can wave goodbye to the Big Tasty burger and all of McDonald's Chicken Legends, because they're going the way of the beloved breakfast bagels and wraps.

Then again, this may be less a case of goodbye and more of an au revoir since items come and go from the McDonald's menu all the time, so if you're hankering for something which is soon to be axed then it might be coming back before long.

On the bright side, once you're done polishing off your potato waffles you can give the new Twirl McFlurry a go as that's another morsel set to join the menu.

As the name might imply, it's ice cream with chunks of Cadbury's Twirl coated in chocolate sauce, which sounds divine.

Potato waffles are all well and good, but what about McDonald's potato waffles?
Elena Maltenieks/Alamy Stock Photo

If you want to pick up a regular sized Twirl McFlurry it'll set you back £1.69, while a mini pot of ice cream will cost £1.19, you'd just better hope the ice cream machine isn't broken.

Rounding off the list of changes to the McDonald's menu are nacho cheese wedges with a sour cream dip making a triumphant comeback.

If you're buying for yourself it'll cost £2.29, while a sharing box will set you back £5.99 which is handy if you're treating friends.

It's also handy if you want to eat the entire thing yourself, just like those boxes of 20 nuggets which we've definitely all polished off by ourselves from time to time.

One dish Brits won't be getting to tuck into are the adult happy meals, with the fast food giant saying it had 'no plans' to roll it out even though they're on sale in the US.

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's/eye35.pix/Alamy Stock Photo

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