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McDonald's introduces new procedure to make sure they don't forget customer's orders

McDonald's introduces new procedure to make sure they don't forget customer's orders

The fast food chain has put new measures in place to make sure orders aren't forgotten

McDonald's have implemented a new procedure to make sure that they don't forget customer's orders.

Fresh off the bad news of the Breakfast Wrap being removed from menus, there is some good news for McDonalds.

We've all been there at some point - putting the order through, waiting patiently by the door for the bell, to be there the second its arrives to collect your Maccies delivery.

But then, shock, horror - they've forgotten your chips! (Or drink, burger, etc.)

Yes, we're all in it together when it comes to McDonald's, or any fast food chain for that matter, forgetting an item or two from your order.

It's one of the worst feelings to go through after a hard day at school or work, and it seems like it is a universal experience.

But you may not be worrying for much longer.

McDonald's have introduced a new process to ensure their deliveries aren't missing items.

McDonald's may just have changed the delivery game forever as they have introduced a brand new procedure that will prevent employees from forgetting any part of your order ever again! Hopefully.

The fast food chain have introduced scales to the delivery process, with employees needing to weigh bags before sending them out.

It should be able to detect missing items and verifies whether the bag is the right weight based on the order, then gives the green light to send it out.

In a recent TikTok video, we can see an employee clicking the order number, with the machine verifying that the weight of the bag matches the order put in.

However, there are still a number of potential obstacles with the method. For example, if they press the wrong order number, or if burgers are similar weights.

But hey, don't let me put a damper on things, this is definitely a step in the right direction!

The use of a scale is to minimise the margin for error with orders.

Users on TikTok are still sceptical, and shared their thoughts on the new procedure in the comments.

One user said: "GOOD cause there is ALWAYS STUFF MISSING".

Another commented: "The fact that this is needed worries me," while a third put: "I still don’t understand how this proves your correct order is even in the bag, as could of still put incorrect items in and sometimes chips etc weigh more or less".

A different user shared their experience: "How did you lot forget my whole meal once and just sent me an oasis", with a crying laughing emoji.

It doesn't look like the public have much faith in the fast food chain, but we can hope that it makes a difference.

LADbible has reached out to McDonald's for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/McDPrestonDK

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