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Mia Khalifa hits back at people thinking she's just a 'raging horny pornstar'

Mia Khalifa hits back at people thinking she's just a 'raging horny pornstar'

Mia Khalifa blasts people who think she is nothing more than a 'raging horny pornstar'

Mia Khalifa hits back at people who think that she's just a 'raging horny pornstar'.

Khalifa, who is now a former adult film actor-turned-social media star, spent just three months in the industry, which she described as 'the worst time of her life', before retiring back in January 2015.

Khalfia has been very vocal about the changes that she feels are necessary so that others entering the adult film industry don't experience what she did.

In 2022, she told Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast High Low with EmRata that the age to 'own your production rights' should be raised to 21, and people should enter the industry after they are 18.

However, the star said that many do not know how she actually feels about the job.

In a recent interview with Arcadia, she hit back at people who make assumptions but 'don't know anything about her'.

She said: "People who don’t know anything about me just think that I’m this raging, horny porn star.

"People who do know about me... know the things that I’ve been through, how I feel about the industry, the person who I’ve grown into, the lessons I’ve learned along the way."

Mia Khalifa hits back at people 'who don't know anything about her' making assumptions.
Alamy / Everett Collection Inc

She added: "So when someone comes up to me and says ‘Oh god, you're my favourite porn star', it's not a compliment, I don’t take it well and that can surprise them."

Since her retirement from the industry, Khalifa has become very popular on social media, with billions of views and millions of followers across TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

The former adult star said that she doesn't shy away from giving opinions, be it 'for better or worse'.

She added: "I feel like I have a responsibility, the things that I post about give me a visceral reaction in my gut. If I have an opinion, I’m going to talk about it."

Last month, Khalifa told her fans that she has an anonymous burner Twitter account to 'cyber bully haters'.

And fans were quick to praise the influencer for her comedic confession.

The former adult star has since grown a huge online presence.

One fan wrote: "Mia you never fail to be more iconic," while another posted: "You are amazing."

And a third commented: "I'm not mad at it."

While it has not been confirmed whether Khalifa was joking about the burner account or not, she's certainly very quick to fire back at those who criticise her online.

In one instance, someone asked her to 'seek forgiveness' for her previous career in the adult film industry.

It read: "You said in the media that 'people look at me with bad eyes because of my past' yesterday."

They continued to tell Khalifa to 'ask forgiveness' with a 'sincere heart' but she was seemingly having none of it, simply retweeting: "Go f**k yourself."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@miakhalifa

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