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Mike Tyson’s Weed Company Is Selling Edibles In The Shape Of A Chewed-Off Ear

Mike Tyson’s Weed Company Is Selling Edibles In The Shape Of A Chewed-Off Ear

There's genius marketing, and then there's Mike Tyson selling gummies that look like Evander Holyfield's ripped ear.

Mike Tyson's cannabis brand has just dropped a new range of marijuana edibles, and hoo boy is he throwing some shade.

The new gummies are called 'Mike Bites'... and they come in the shape of a chewed-on ear.

Plus, they've got Iron Mike's seal of approval, who declared these ears 'actually taste good'.

Tyson's new nibbles come nearly 25 years after he was disqualified from the World Boxing Association Heavyweight Championship for biting his opponent's ear.

During the 1997 Championship - now infamously known as The Bite Fight - Tyson was booted out of the ring after he bit opponent Evander Holyfield's ear not once but twice, taking a chunk of Holyfield's ear with him.

After the fight, Tyson's boxing license was revoked and he was fined $3 million.

Interestingly enough, Tyson's cannabis brand, Tyson 2.0, has released the ear-shaped edibles with a noticeable chunk missing from the top of the ear, complete with a bite mark.

The bite mark is also in the same spot where Tyson made off with a piece of Holyfield's cartilage. Yikes.

The company announced the product on Twitter, but is seems it was a long time coming after Holyfield appeared on Tyson's podcast Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson' in 2019.

During the chat, Holyfield said he 'forgave' Tyson for the ear debacle, and Mike pitched the ear-shaped candy to his former rival.

"You might be in business because we're going to make some holy ears," Tyson said on the podcast. "Edible ears that got a bit taken out of them. Holy ears."

Tyson's then-cohost Eben Britton then jokingly about Holyfield volunteering to have a mould made out of his ear.

Iron Mike is well known for his cannabis advocacy. He has already marketed a number of weed-related products for Tyson 2.0 on top of his podcast, which is recorded at his famous 40-acre ranch.

He's even previously said he wished the drug had become a bigger part of his life earlier.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance in October, he said: "My life was just miserable, I was out of control. I was fighting with everybody. If someone asked me for an autograph, I'd punch them in the face.

"I was just a mess, and then after I retired, I started smoking. What a mistake that was - I should have smoked my whole career. I should have smoked when I was fighting because it put me in this different state of mind.

"I'm very relaxed and the more relaxed you are, the better fighter you are at least in my case."

Fair enough, Mike. So, does anyone fancy an ear?

Featured Image Credit: Tyson 2.0/YouTube

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