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Mum tears up after her non-verbal teenage son says first word

Mum tears up after her non-verbal teenage son says first word

Miriam Gwynne cried tears of joy after learning her son Isaac had said his first word

A mum was left in tears after learning that her 14-year-old son – who has non-verbal autism – spoke for the very first time.

Miriam Gwynne, from Hamilton in Scotland, found out this week that her son Isaac had spoken when some other students visited his school.

Isaac requires 24-hour care and has never spoken before, but Miriam explained to the Daily Record how she hopes that Isaac’s story can convince others that ‘anything is possible’.

The momentous occasion took place when some students from another school were visiting Isaac and his classmates.

Miriam Gwynne and Isaac.
Miriam Gwynne

Miriam explained: "Children from another school had come to visit Isaac's special needs school. Isaac is very familiar with the kids and he always flaps to show he is excited to see them.

"His class is entirely non-verbal, so they everyone was so stunned when Isaac said ‘hello’.

"The teacher said everyone just fell silent.

“She was so excited to tell me.

"When I heard what he said it made me so emotional.

“I started crying because it was just such a special moment."

Miriam, who is a full-time carer to both Isaac and his twin sister Naomi, was trying to figure out what could have prompted Isaac to speak for the first time, when she remembered that he’s recently become really into CBeebies TV programme Something Special, specifically the main character, Mr Tumble.

As most parents will be able to tell you, Mr Tumble’s theme song prominently features the word ‘hello’.

Isaac has recently got into Mr Tumble.
Miriam Gwynne

Miriam continued: "Isaac has his own iPad and he loves music and listening to YouTube.

"He went through a phase of constantly playing the Mr Tumble theme song and he sings ‘Hello, hello, how are you?’

“We have all been sick of hearing it because of how much he plays it."

After Isaac uttered his first word, the creator of the TV show even reached out to Miriam with a special message.

Allan Johnston, who had heard about Isaac’s story, said: "I cannot explain how wonderful that is. Around 20 years ago, I created the series Something Special in the hope that it would help children with additional needs find their voice.

"I also wanted to give them their rightful place on national TV.

“So when I hear the series is still helping families, it makes me smile.”

He concluded: "Thank you for making me smile."

Miriam burst into tears upon learning Isaac had spoken.
Miriam Gwynne

Now, Miriam hopes that Isaac’s tale can act as an inspiration to others, encouraging parents not to give up, despite being faced with significant challenges.

She concluded: "It just makes you think that anything is possible.

“A hope that I've always had is to be able to show others that they are not alone, encouraging them to keep going despite whatever circumstances that they find themselves in."

Featured Image Credit: Miriam Gwynne

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