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This Guy Is Paid £4,000 A Time To Put Up Christmas Decorations

This Guy Is Paid £4,000 A Time To Put Up Christmas Decorations

Perfect job or what?!

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

If I asked you what your perfect job would be, you'd probably say chocolate taster, or prosecco taster, or cheese taster... sorry. The only jobs I can think of that would be perfect including eat or drinking things.

But anyway, this guy has definitely got the best job in the world, as he gets to decorate the homes of the rich and famous for Christmas - and he gets paid £4,000 a pop.

Manchester Evening News spoke to Tom Harrington, who runs Harrington's Christmas Decorators with George Pullar, who decorates the homes of Manchester United players and Real Housewives of Cheshire stars.

Dream job, right?

He claims that it can take 'months' of planning, and some decorations even start in September. As part of the service, they put them all up for you and then take them all down again in January.

He told the paper: "Generally we start planning the final look a few weeks before but sometimes it's a few months before depending on the size of the job.

"I set up the business in 2015 after my old office based in Oxford asked me to decorate.

"They gave me two boxes of decorations, I decorated in their corporate colours and thought I could help their business."

He continued: "I've always embraced Christmas. We had about five or six trees in the house and it looked like a grotto.

"I start work in September time and this year we've got just over 20 houses to decorate.

"We're busy from November through to the take downs in January. We come back and remove the decorations and put them into storage.

"In January we go to Harrogate for the trade fair then Frankfurt for the international trade fair then we start planning for the next Christmas.

"It take a lot of pressure off as there's a lot of work and a lot of planning that goes into Christmas."


You've probably already got someone in mind who would be perfect for this job, haven't you?

As we all know, there are two different types of people in this world.

There are the people who start their Christmas shopping in June and basically start celebrating Christmas the minute Halloween has been and gone.

Contrasting that are the people who don't really give it a second thought until the Friday they break up from work and then go on a mad one to get all the presents bought on Christmas eve.

The latter tend to become irritated by the Christmas enthusiasts.

Credit: New Line Cinema

However, the Scrooges of the world might want to think twice about their aversion to beginning the festive season early, as experts are now saying that people who put their decorations up early, tend to be happier people.


In a report in Science Direct, they explain that those who put their decorations up early are generally happier people, and are seen as more welcoming and personable by others.

They say: "[People see those with] Christmas decorations as a cue that the residents were friendly and cohesive. Decoration interacted with sociability in a complex but interpretable way. In the absence of Christmas decorations, raters accurately distinguished between the homes of sociable and nonsociable residents; in open ended comments, they attributed their impressions to the relatively more 'open' and 'lived in' look of the sociable residents' homes."

They continued: "When Christmas decorations were present, raters actually attributed greater sociability to the nonsociable residents, citing a more open appearance as the basis for their judgments.

"The results support the idea that residents can use their home's exterior to communicate attachment and possibly to integrate themselves into a neighborhood's social activities."

So you seem friendlier and you are generally happier?


So there you have it, Christmas lovers are happier people so maybe we should take a leaf out of their book...

Next year perhaps.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Universal

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