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Mysterious Fast-Moving Object That Looks Like Sun Spotted Off UK Coast

Mysterious Fast-Moving Object That Looks Like Sun Spotted Off UK Coast

It was moving too fast to be a plane, satellite, or boat

A man in east Cornwall has captured footage of a mysterious orb of light shooting across the sky over the stretch of sea close to his house at Looe Hill in Seaton, Cornwall. Watch the video below:

Dan Pengelly said he saw the large and strange object about six weeks ago when looking out across the Atlantic Ocean from his home.

Cornwall is not on Sky's list of top UFO sighting spots in the UK, but Dan insists he saw something and has the video evidence to prove it.

He said: “It looked like it was on fire. But there’s no way it was a meteor or anything.

"It changed direction, horizontally in front of me then changed direction again out to sea."

The sighting happened at about 7pm in January when Dan opened his patio doors on a dark night.

“I thought: ‘that’s some sort of weird bloody spacecraft,'" he said. “I was just hypnotised, staring at it wondering, what the hell.

“Then I went to get my phone, which took me about 20 seconds, and by the time I got it out I could only get three small lots of footage."

The UFO looked a lot larger in real life than it does in the photos Dan took, he says, and that it made rapid movements much faster than a boat, plane, or satellite.

“I couldn’t get my head around it,” he said. “It just looked like the bloody sun. It was huge.

Dan Pengelly/BPM Media

“Whatever it was, could have better technology, might have been in space going the speed of light. I wouldn’t bother it.

“Never seen anything like it in my life.”

Photos of the orb present it as a yellow circle, a bit like the sun, but surrounded by a blood-red tinged lining, and Dan's video footage shows the object clearly moving across the sky.

The event was, in fact, the second time Dan has seen something unusual in the sky.

He claims that about 27 years ago when he was 'having a smoke' with a friend in a field close to his current home, he saw something unnatural.

“It was winter, there was definitely a spacecraft," he said. “I’ll admit we did have a smoke, and I said, ‘Ollie look at that’.

"(It) went up and down, doing a triangle. Then it just went whoosh away.”

Featured Image Credit: Dan Pengelly/BPM Media