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Naked carpenter has been jailed again after exposing himself just hours after being released

Naked carpenter has been jailed again after exposing himself just hours after being released

Robert Jenner said it was a breach of his human rights to force him to wear clothes

A man branded the 'naked carpenter' has been jailed after he was caught wearing see-through pants to a police station just hours after he had been released.

Robert Jenner, from Maidstone, is a proud naturist and has been in trouble with the law in the past for his insistence on going around in the buff.

And the 49-year-old has now been convicted for breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order, which meant he had to wear at least two layers of clothes to 'prevent him from exposing his genitalia'.

It was imposed back in 2019 at Canterbury Crown Court to try and curb Jenner's behaviour.

In order to get around it, though, Jenner arrived at Maidstone Police Station on 12 January wearing see-through pants and a mesh thong, with DC Melanie Bolt and PC Homam Al Sinawi recalling that they saw everything as he arrived.

Robert Jenner has been jailed for breaching a court order.

During the trial, the court heard that the incident happened on the same day that he had been released from prison for a large number of offences for exposure.

Defending Jenner, barrister Niall Doherty said: "He still believes the top he had been wearing in the police station covered his genital area."

At the trial, prosecutor William Snedden said: "He left prison, went to the police station to make enquiries about a mobile telephone, wearing clothes he hadn't been wearing when he had left prison."

The former soldier claimed that it was a breach of his human rights to force him to wear clothes.

And he admitted that he didn't wear underpants during his shifts as a delivery driver and actually had a hole cut in his crotch.

The jury took just a few minutes to come to a decision, and Jenner was convicted of breaching his order and sentenced to one year in prison.

It is the second time he has breached the order.

Passing the ruling, Judge Charles Macdonald QC said Jenner had showed 'a contempt for the court and the law'.

The 49-year-old claimed it was a breach of his human rights not to allow him to go out in the buff.

In his most recent trial, Mr Doherty said: "He is a naturist and often goes to naturist beaches in France, Marbella and the Isle of Sheppey, including swimming.

"He doesn't regret anything but he is thoroughly sick of prison."

He also claimed that his client's behaviour had nothing to do with his 'sexual' desires and was not 'sinister'.

Judge Macdonald said the order had been the result of persistent criminal behaviour.

In court Jenner was asked: "Do you consider yourself to be a naturist?"

He replied: "Yes, to me naturism means being open."

Because Jenner has been on remand since the incident, he is expected to be released immediately from custody.

However, he will remain subject to the order.

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