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People can't believe how much New York's 'worst apartment' with shower at front door costs

People can't believe how much New York's 'worst apartment' with shower at front door costs

A refreshing splash the moment you step inside!

A pint-sized pad boasting a plan dubbed 'New York City's worst' has set the internet ablaze with outrage, especially when the rental price tag was unveiled.

While it's no secret that major cities such as New York and London certainly aren't cheap to live in, this one really takes the biscuit.

In the heart of the Big Apple's Nolita neighbourhood lies a studio that's anything but ordinary - boasting a collection of unique but completely undesirable quirks.

Showcased by Instagrammer and realtor David Okocha (@ocr_realty), the apartment has really taken the internet by surprise.

Picture this - a half finished shower smack bang behind the front door. It's like a surprise spa treatment every time you come home.

And the oddities just keep on coming!


Enter the kitchen, located a mere arm's length away, where you'll find a stove that seems to have been dropped randomly in front of a countertop.

Because who needs logical kitchen layouts when you can have a culinary adventure every time you cook?

As for the bathroom at the 232 Elizabeth Street unit, it's simply a tiny toilet, sans light, sink, or mirror - quite literally the bare necessities.

And as for the cost?


This shabby apartment is on the market with a jaw-dropping rent of $3,495 per month.

You might need to sit down after paying that every payday – or perhaps just squat in that sink-less bathroom and contemplate your life choices.

Comments on the post are nothing short of hilarious.

One Instagram user said: "Jail. You basically live in a jail cell."

"The New York rental market should be presented to the Supreme Court for absolute audacity," another said.

The realtors are spinning this quirky abode as 'charming', highlighting its supposed perks like high ceilings, exposed brick, and hardwood floors.

Okocha sympathised with the comments, however, stating it was the 'worst design layout in an apartment' he had ever seen.

"I don't even know who designed this place, it's just weird," he said.

That doesn't appear to have stopped someone from renting it though, as according to listings website StreetEasy it was delisted today (March 7).

LADbible has contacted real estate agents REAL New York for a comment.

In February, social media users were left in stitches after witnessing Omer Labock (@omerlabock) review a microscopic living space in New York.

In the video, Omer is seen unlocking the door to what appears to be a room so compact, it could be mistaken for a hallway.

With a deadpan delivery, he casually drops the bombshell: "This is the entire apartment."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ocr_realty

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