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New Zealand launches hilarious fire safety campaign to stop people cooking while they're cooked

New Zealand launches hilarious fire safety campaign to stop people cooking while they're cooked

A shocking number of house fires happen when a person is high or drunk while cooking.

Did you know one in four house fires start in the kitchen, and 50 per cent of fatal house fires involving alcohol or drugs?

That’s the reality of cooking under the influence and it’s often a recipe for disaster.

Fire & Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) has launched a one-of-a-kind cook book, titledYou’re Cooked, along with their public safety campaign of the same name to stop fatal fires from happening around the holiday season.

Created in collaboration with Everybody Eats chef Jamie Johnston, the recipes in the cookbook offer simple ways to satisfy those drunken cravings without having to use an oven or stovetop.

Fire & Emergency New Zealand

Toasted Sandwich, Jacked Fairybread, Non-Fried Rice and Kiwi Onion Carbonara are some of the many fire-free recipes included in the aptly named cookbook.

“It’s easy to get distracted if you’re drunk or high, and that’s why cooking on the stove so often leads to disaster,” says Deputy Chief Executive Steph Rotarangi.

“This is not the first time we have tackled this issue through our social marketing, but our old ‘Don’t drink and fry’ platform needed an original modern take to fit today’s audience.”

To get the message across of how being under the influence affects our performance in the kitchen, FENZ worked with Motion Sickness to show how real ‘cooked’ people act while trying to cook.

Watch the video below:

Amateur chefs were brought in to host their own booze soaked cooking show.

Each chef showcased the method of cooking behind one of the book’s many recipes and how many can lessen the risk of a house fire by cooking without using an oven or a stovetop.

“In a perfect world, people wouldn’t get high or drunk, but that’s simply not the world we’re living in,” says Motion Sickness Head of Strategy, Hiliary Ngan Kee.

“‘You’re Cooked’ was wholly designed to function in the real world. That’s a world where people do things they’re not meant to do.

"This campaign is made to grab attention and engage, but also show people that the safer option is a good option in every sense.”

Stay safe this holiday season and remember if you’re cooked, don’t cook!

Words by Millie Hinchliffe

Featured Image Credit: Fire & Emergency New Zealand

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