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49-Year-Old Makes Living By Posting Pictures Of Her Feet On Instagram

49-Year-Old Makes Living By Posting Pictures Of Her Feet On Instagram

She says she drinks two to three litres of water a day to ensure the skin on her feet stays 'beautiful'

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Making a living by sharing pictures of yourself on social media sounds like a dream job. Not even just for the vainest among us, either (I mean, we all like to look nice, but...) - it'd sound amazing to almost anyone, because a ten-second working day can't really be topped.

Unfortunately, this line of work is normally the preserve of the ultra-famous and pseudo-celebs. However, a 49-year-old woman is breaking the mould, claiming to make $30,000 (£23,133) a year by sharing pictures of her feet on Instagram.


Former model Gweneth Lee said she receives cash donations and gifts from fans, who ask for pictures of her feet in return. Gweneth also charges $300 (£230) per hour for meet ups, with customers paying for the privilege of massaging and licking her feet.

The widow said she unwittingly walked down this route after sharing bare-footed pictures on social media.

She said: "I never really noticed the foot fetish thing until the social media wave came along.

"I would always post pictures of my feet by the pool and it got a huge following.

"I ended up creating a new Instagram just for people who love my feet.

"I have some men who will pay me to massage my feet for an hour. They'll lick my feet, and they love playing with feet."


But why exactly do people get such a kick out of Gweneth's feet? She believes it is the fact they are 'well maintained, with straight toes, a higher arch and small ankles'. I suppose if you're gonna pay hundreds of dollars to suck a toe, you'd probably want it to be a really good one.

Perhaps you're reading this and thinking, 'My feet are well fit, why won't anyone pay me for a nibble?' But you mustn't overlook the time and effort Gweneth puts into her feet.

She said: "You have to drink two to three litres of water a day to keep the skin on your feet beautiful and your cuticles hydrated.

"I use foot cream on my heels and my feet three times a day, and I tend to always have socks on or shoes just to protect them.

"I wear toe separator when I go to the gym or I go running, which is what my acupuncturist thinks is healthier for the longevity of my feet.

"I also eat a lot of fresh fish because the fish oil hydrates your cuticles."

And if you're thinking the face on top of those feet looks familiar, you may have come across her earlier this year when she made headlines after revealing she had slept with 100 married men through the dating website

Alternatively, you may recognise her because you spend every waking moment monitoring her Instagram and waiting for a fresh glimpse of heel.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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