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Big Game Hunter Killed After Being Trampled By Elephant

Big Game Hunter Killed After Being Trampled By Elephant

The elephant charged before he could take aim and shoot.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A big game hunter has been killed after he was trampled by an elephant, it's been reported.

Forty-six-year-old Jose Monzalvez, from Argentina, died on Saturday in a private wildlife area in Namibia, the Namibia Press Agency has said.

A herd of elephants in Namibia. Credit: PA

The hunter is reported to have worked for an oil company and was out with an Argentinian and three Namibians when he was killed. The agency said one of the elephants ran at the group before anyone was able to shoot.

According to All Africa, the elephant chased the group and caught up with Monzalvez, who was trampled to death.

Elephants in a national park in Namibia. Credit: PA

A police spokesperson told All Africa that Monzalvez had a valid permit for hunting and that 'preliminary investigations' had begun. His family have been told about his death.

Monzalvez is not the first trophy hunter to have been killed by an elephant. In May this year, South African Theunis Botha, 51, died after he was charged at by an elephant.

Credit: PA

Three elephants ran at the hunter, who was out with a group, but he was caught by surprise by a fourth, which stormed in from the side.

The elephant then lifted Bortha up with her trunk, before being shot by one of the other members of the group. The shot was fatal and the elephant collapsed onto Bortha, crushing him.

Bortha was a keen big-game hunter. Credit: Facebook

Bortha was a well-known hunter in Zimbabwe and he spent time in the US to recruit wealthy Americans to join him on hunts.

Gauteng-based Africa Big Hunt Booking Agent posted: "With great sadness we confirm that fellow professional hunter, outfitter and friend Theunis Botha passed away late (Friday) afternoon during a hunting accident in Zimbabwe."

Sources: The Independent; All Africa

Featured Image Credit: PA

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