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Boy Given Six Points On Future Driving Licence For Speeding On Scooter

Boy Given Six Points On Future Driving Licence For Speeding On Scooter

The points will be added to the boy's driving licence once he is old enough to have one

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

A teenager caught speeding on an electric scooter has been given six points on his driving licence - despite not yet having one.

The 15-year-old appeared in Teesside Magistrates' court in October after he was caught travelling at 'high speeds' on his electric scooter. The court gave the teen six points, which will be applied to his licence once he is old enough to have one, according to Teesside Live.

A spokesman for Cleveland Police said: "One male juvenile aged 15 has recently been caught by officers riding a scooter at high speeds.

"He appeared in court in October and has been given six points which will be added to his driver's licence when he is able to have one."

And you thought your mate who failed his theory three times had a shaky start to life on the road.

In the run up to Christmas, police in the area have advised people against buying children electric scooters, some of which can reach speeds of up to 40mph. It is illegal to ride the vehicles on roads, pavements and cycle paths and they are only permitted for use on authorised or private land, however, youths often flout these rules.

PC Mike Doherty, from Coulby Newham Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: "These scooters are not toys, and not only can they be extremely dangerous, but they are also not legal to ride on pavements and roads and I think many parents aren't aware of this.

"Under the Road Traffic Act we can report the individual rider for not having insurance, a licence, a number plate, helmet and MOT for the scooter.

"This person will then be reported for summons and will be given a minimum of six points on their licence or future license and a possible fine."

So parents, be careful what you gift, because nothing quite says Christmas like six points on your future licence and a possible fine.

Cleveland Police have been working with Middlesbrough to clamp down on nuisance motorbikes in the area which have been, well, causing a nuisance.

'No Motorbikes' signs have been erected in Berwick Hills, Pallister, Ayresome and Acklam, and while on the surface they might not appear to be much of a deterrent, they act as a Section 59 legal warning, meaning police have the power to seize motorbikes caught in the signposted locations.

Maybe best not to get cheeky little Harry the electric scooter he has been nagging for this year then, particularly if you live in the north east. How about a fresh pair of shoe laces, a new cardigan or a sack of coal instead?

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