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Comedian Omid Djalili Racked Up Record Points On Licence For Driving Offences

Comedian Omid Djalili Racked Up Record Points On Licence For Driving Offences

The comedian tried to have a joke with the judge, and it did not go down well at all

Omid Djalili once racked up a 'record' number of points on his driving licence.

The comic has driven thousands of miles over the years, travelling around the UK while touring his material.

As a result, he has had a fair few scrapes with the law, having been fined for speeding on numerous occasions, as well as driving without proper insurance - just Google it.

We should probably point out here that Djalili was once the face of, promoting among other things car insurance policies, which is a bit awks.

But speaking on the Andy Jaye podcast this week, the 56-year-old says he is able to laugh about it now.

Omid Djalili has had a few run ins with the law over the years.

He recalled a court hearing a few years ago, where he was banned from driving for six months after racking up a record number of points on his licence.

Setting up the story, Djalili told the host that it was a lesson in why you shouldn't try and have a laugh with a judge.

He said: "You should never do jokes in court.

"The judge said to me: 'Mr Djalili, you have 36 points on your license and another 18 pending, which takes you to up to 54, which is a UK record currently, we're going to ban you from driving for six months, do have anything to say?'

"I said, 'Could you give me a lift to the station, your honour?'

"The judge said, 'That's not funny'."

Adding: "I actually dropped my head, I've never dropped my head after a gag."

He tried to have a joke with the judge and it did not work.

But it's not the first time Djalili's material has garnered a pretty awkward reaction.

Ahead of the Queen's jubilee celebrations earlier this year, the comedian took part in ITV's A Gallop Through History, where he played the part of 'The Herald', helping navigate the audience through different parts of the show.

He laced several jokes into his act, with one being at the Liz's expense.

Directed at the Monarch, Djalili lightly jibed: "Thank you for choosing us over the State Opening of Parliament."

The Queen famously missed this year's State Opening of Parliament, the first time she has ever done so in 59 years.

Have a look for yourself:

Citing 'episodic mobility problems', Prince Charles attended the Palace of Westminster in her absence.

While some might have feared how she'd react to the joke, the head of the Royal Family appeared to take it in her stride – waving her hand in the air in recognition.

Viewers were thoroughly amused by her response, with one writing: "Haha The Queen just raised her hand in agreement about choosing the #platinumjubilee over the state opening of Parliament. Love it!"

"Best moment of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration concert! When Omid Djalili said 'thank you for choosing us over the State Opening of Parliament your Majesty', the Queen smiled & waved! Priceless!" another added.

"Omid Djalili 'Thank your for choosing us over the State Opening of Parliament' gets a huge laugh and a cheeky wave from the Queen. What a great sport she is!" another observed.

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