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Brit Student Claims He's Stuck In Afghanistan After Going There 'On Holiday'

Brit Student Claims He's Stuck In Afghanistan After Going There 'On Holiday'

He's currently holding out in a safehouse whilst waiting for an opportunity to flee the country and come back home to the UK.

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

A British student claims to be stuck in Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover after he went to the country on holiday.

Miles Routledge, 21, is a Loughborough University student who says he is currently holding out in a safehouse while he waits for an opportunity to flee the country and come back home to the UK.

On social media, he shared a status explaining how he wanted to test himself by visiting 'the worst places in the world' instead of opting for a standard holiday at the beach.

He wrote on Facebook back in May: "I've just booked my flight to Afghanistan.

"Wish me luck, I will bring back some small souvenir for whoever wants one!"

Little did he know he was about to walk into a terrorist military coup with the county's government collapsing.

Facebook/Lord Miles

Over the past few months the Taliban has been gaining control of territories around the country.

"No more fights in Kabul, I'm stuck in Afghanistan. Bit of a pickle," Miles wrote on a thread on social media.

He said yesterday (15 August): "I was fully prepared for death, I accepted it. This trip has been a test of God. I'm very religious so I believe I'll be looked after."

He also said he thought a £15 purchase of 'lordship certificate' he bought online might keep him safe, which allows him to refer to himself as 'lord' on his American Express card, the Daily Mail reports.

He explained: "The Taliban may see that as reason enough to keep me alive, thinking it may hold some negotiating power as they'll think I'm important. Let's hope it won't get to that stage though."

The 26-year-old, says he is currently 'safe' in a 'safe house' and fears for the locals whose lives are seriously at risk.

Twitch/Miles Routledge

He said: "I'm all safe in this safe house, the people are great and I look forward to the two news articles I've got coming out about me.

"We may be happy I'm fine but please consider the people who live in Afghanistan as they're doing so much worse. Pray for them please, I will be doing so tonight."

In another status he added: "I've been telling journalists this but despite how interesting my situation is, please remember I'm comfortable where as the average Afghani is fearing for their lives.

"My tour guide is currently fearing for his family and his only crime is going the extra mile and saving my life, I can never repay him and that saddens me."

LADbible has contacted the Foreign Office and the British Embassy in Kabul for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Lord Miles

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