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Calf Born On Valentine's Day With Perfect Heart-Shaped Mark On Its Head

Calf Born On Valentine's Day With Perfect Heart-Shaped Mark On Its Head

The farmer has even called it Be My Valentine

Simon Fearn

Simon Fearn

An adorable calf was born this Valentine's Day at a farm in County Antrim with a perfect heart-shaped mark on her forehead. The stars must have aligned for this one.

Fittingly named Be My Valentine, the female jersey calf was born on Friday morning (14 February) to proud cow parents Bridesmaid and Gold Top at Parkshaw Farm in Bushmills, County Antrim, Ireland.

Farmer James McAuley was naturally struck by the calf's distinctive markings - especially with the it being born on the most romantic day of the year.

Mercury Press

He told Belfast Live: "I've seen ones kind of like it but it's just the date, being Valentine's Day. It was my mum that said 'look at the heart on her head!'."

The spooky coincidence is such that McAuley has resolved to name the calf Be My Valentine on its official paperwork.

The cow has naturally proved a hit with James's children Jack, Emily and Harry - who you can see pictured with Be My Valentine below.


James added that the calf's calm demeanor made her the perfect playmate for the kids.

He said: "They just love the wee jersey calves, their nature is very different to other calves."

Still, he's surprised Be My Valentine has become so much of an internet sensation.

He added: "I just can't believe the way it's taken off."

It's certainly a moo-ving coincidence (sorry), but isn't the only animal-themed Valentine's Day news that's being doing the rounds recently.

Mercury Press

For those of us who haven't been overwhelmed by a wave of warm, sentimental feeling this week, a conservation centre kindly offered to name a cockroach after your ex.

Yes, Hemsley Conservation Centre (HCC) in Sevenoaks offered all the scorned lovers out there the opportunity to let their ex know just how much of a total s*** they are by naming a cockroach after them - an animal that basically nobody on Earth likes.

This may seem like a bit of a petty and vindictive thing to do, and that may be true, but it's also charitable, so you shouldn't feel bad about it.

The zoo asked for a £1.50 ($1.97) donation in return for the privilege, with the money going towards conservation projects at the centre.

Sadly the window to name a cockroach closed on Wednesday 12 February, so it's too late if you haven't already grabbed the chance to vindictively christen a critter.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

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