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CNN Hosts Throw Back Shots During New Year's Eve Coverage

CNN Hosts Throw Back Shots During New Year's Eve Coverage

One of them seemed to handle it better than the other...

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Two CNN hosts decided to turn work into play on New Year's Eve, throwing back shots 'like college freshman' while presenting a live TV show.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen were both stationed in Times Square to cover scaled-back celebrations in New York City, layered up in winter coats to protect them from the seasonal chill.

But there was something else that no doubt proved even more effective at warming them up on the night, as the duo bravely downed shots to kick off their New Year's Eve special - vowing to continue boozing throughout the show.

While Times Square is usually packed with hundreds of thousands of people to see the ball drop, for 2020's somewhat sinister handover, the area resembled more of a ghost town.

Looking out at the space normally packed with revellers, Cohen said: "It's really weird being in Times Square right now."


To mark the 'end of a fecal year', he and Cooper decided to hit the liquor - and plenty of it, with Cohen announcing he'd brought two bottles of tequila to be consumed on air.

Here's hoping the crew helped them out a little - remember to drink responsibly, kids!

The CNN broadcast started at 8pm and featured video interviews with the likes of Carole and Howard Baskin, Mariah Carey, Pitbull and Snoop Dogg - along with a round of coronavirus-themed 'Never Have I Ever' with Cameron Diaz.

This was all interspersed with multiple swigs for Cohen and Cooper, including during their chat to The Late Show's Stephen Colbert, who joined them for a tipple.


"To things I will remember to forget," Colbert said, raising his shot glass.

Cohen and Cooper then followed suit and downed their drinks, Cooper gagging in horror while Cohen laughed at him.

Colbert asked them how many shots they were now on, to which Cohen slurred: "That's about five, I think - four or five."

Later in the coverage, Cohen also played a game he dubbed 'Have You Gotten High At...?' with Snoop Dogg, which led to revelations that the rapper had done so in the White House, on a yacht and at an NFL football game, among others.


The evening's coverage appeared to go down well with viewers, with one tweeting: "Nearly just passed out from laughing watching Anderson Cooper take this shot #CNNNYE."

Someone else said: "Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Stephen Colbert throwing back shots like college freshmen."

A third added: "Listening to Anderson Cooper's giggle fits while Andy Cohen quizzes Snoop Dogg is exactly how I want to start the new year."

Featured Image Credit: CNN

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