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30-Year-Old Coronavirus Hoax Theorist Who Attended 'Covid Party' Dies Of Covid-19

30-Year-Old Coronavirus Hoax Theorist Who Attended 'Covid Party' Dies Of Covid-19

The 30-year-old patient didn't believe the virus was real

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A 30-year-old patient has died from Covid-19 at a hospital in Texas after attending a so-called 'Covid Party', according to healthcare officials.

The person in question is thought to have believed the virus that has killed thousands worldwide isn't real.

Some people have been having parties at which a person who believes they have the virus and several others meet up in order to test whether the virus is real or not.

Dr Jane Appleby, the Chief Medical Officer of Methodist Healthcare, confirmed the idea is for those in doubt to double-check whether the virus really exists.

Dr Jane Appleby.

The patient ended up severely ill, and sadly died in hospital after contracting the deadly virus.

Appleby explained: "This is a party held by somebody diagnosed by the Covid virus and the thought is to see if the virus is real and to see if anyone gets infected."

She then added that the patient's condition deteriorated until they were critically ill, before they came out with a heartbreaking change of heart in the moments before their death.

Appleby explained: "Just before the patient died, they looked at their nurse and said 'I think I made a mistake, I thought this was a hoax, but it's not.'"

This incident in Bexar County near San Antonio is just one of an ongoing spike of cases, and Appleby chose to speak out to attempt to convince people - particularly younger people - that they are not invincible.

She said: "It doesn't discriminate and none of us are invincible.

"I don't want to be an alarmist and we're just trying to share some real-world examples to help our community realise that this virus is very serious and can spread easily."

The Covid-19 hoax theory is more popular than you might think.

As of Thursday night, nearly 18,000 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the region, with 1,200 of them currently in the hospital system.

The positivity rate in that particular area has leapt dramatically in recent times to 22 percent.

Despite this, there are still some people who believe the virus isn't real.

Featured Image Credit: KSAT/ABC

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