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Family Shares Hilarious Exchange With 'Super Sassy' Gran Struggling To Take Selfies

Family Shares Hilarious Exchange With 'Super Sassy' Gran Struggling To Take Selfies

Barbara Pruitte, 70, had recently been ill and decided to show her doting family she was feeling better

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Trying to get that perfect photograph can sometimes seem impossible, the light's off, the angle isn't quite right or your hair is playing havoc. The struggle is real.

One thing you can usually count on however, is being able to hold the camera in front of your face.

Well, a teacher and her family has spoken about how she and her family tried to teach their 'super sassy' grandma how to take a selfie - but failed dramatically.

Barbara Pruitte, 70, had recently been in a car accident and decided to show her doting family she was feeling better by sending some selfies to her three daughters, Marla, Marcia and Ginger and 25-year-old granddaughter Kai.

But it didn't quite go to plan, with the stylish gran either cutting off half her head or looking down her nose at the lens.

Barbara wanted to show of her new look.
Kennedy News

Her family were shocked at the results.
Kennedy News

Kai, from Nashville, Tennessee, said: "We have a group chat and there's around six of us in there - my mum, my grandparents and my mum's siblings. I'm in there as well because I'm the oldest grandchild.

"Me and my aunties were trying to get her to understand that selfies are supposed to be taken straight on, but every time we told her she kept leaning back further.

They tried to help her through it.
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"But we were trying to teach her how to properly to take a selfie, but she just wasn't getting it. We were trying to get her to understand the right way.

"In the end I just called her and said we'd give her some lessons.

She couldn't get the hang of it.
Kennedy News

"We told her when we all coming home for Mother's Day we'll give her some selfie lessons so she can take better selfies."

They even did a mock-selfie for her to copy.
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But despite the failed attempts, Kai says her gran looked 'really cute'.

They said she looked like she was 'holding a baby with a doodoo'.
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Kai said: "My grandma is extremely fashionable but she's been out of commission for a bit.

"She was in a car accident recently so she was trying to send us a selfie of her new hair wrap to show she was feeling better.

Her family couldn't believe how difficult it was.
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"She's typically super sassy and the most selfless person I know. She's always upbeat.

"She has multiple closets, a pair of glasses to go with every outfit and doesn't play about with her accessories and clothes.

But she kept trying.
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"So Grandma had bought the new hair wrap and she wanted to show us how she was feeling more confident. It was really cute."

And though the close knit family live far away from each other, they always make each other laugh on their chat group - with Barbara often being the cause of it all.

She said: "Everyone in my family likes to be a comedian but we all get it from her.

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"When I told her I'd posted our chat online, she didn't know what it meant that she'd gone viral, but now she keeps saying 'maybe you guys want my autograph - I'm gonna be famous'.

"She does like to stay up to date with technology.

Kennedy News

"A year ago she had just a flip phone but my aunt and uncle went to get her an iPhone.

"We had to coach her on how to use it too, but now she knows how to conference call us so we do a lot of family messaging."

Nice try, Barbs.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News

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