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Cruise worker says 'get ready to spend a lot of cash' on one thing we all take for granted

Cruise worker says 'get ready to spend a lot of cash' on one thing we all take for granted

$100 a month just to do the basics, ouch...

Holidaying on a cruise is the dream for so many looking to relax in the sun.

Sailing around the world with your loved ones or close friends, it can take you to parts of the world that feel like heaven on earth.

Sadly, what isn't quite as heavenly is the cost of all the little add ons, with one cruise ship member saying it is time to 'get ready to spend a lot of cash' on one thing in particular.

As for the actual prices of cruises, it's accepted that it is going to cost you thousands per head for a decent holiday that's more than just the bare bones package on offer.

Sure, you can really splash out if you want to and spend more than three grand a night on 'the biggest room ever put on a cruise ship'.

Some love it that much they end up living on a cruise ship - but it has had some unintentional consequences.

Bryan James has been living on Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas for the last six months, and with it has shared some of his insights in to the experience.

In one of his latest videos, he did a tour of his solo cabin and the perks of not having to share a room with another crew member.

Bryan explaining how you can save cash working on a cruise ship (YouTube/BryanJamesCruises)
Bryan explaining how you can save cash working on a cruise ship (YouTube/BryanJamesCruises)

Another perk was the cabin's TV, which came pre-loaded with tonnes of movies and TV shows for crew to watch free of charge from Oppenheimer to the classics.

"Years ago they would put new movies on the crew TV but they would make you pay for them, so not cool, not my vibe at all," Bryan said.

Conversation turned to how easy it is to make money living on a cruise ship.

Acknowledging your living quarters are paid for and you get free meals, Bryan said: "It's good in the sense that you're not paying for your food, you're not paying for your lodging... so if you're really good at saving, you can put aside $1,000 to $2,000 a month depending on your job.

"If you're actually wanting to out out in to these ports and see the places that you're visiting, that's where the money can disappear really, really fast."

Royal Caribbean ship Icon of the Seas (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Royal Caribbean ship Icon of the Seas (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

But another place that really eats away at your cash is scrolling on your iPhone or Android phone.

We're talking about Wi-Fi.

In a previous video, Bryan explained that it costs him $12 for three hours of Wi-Fi and that's with a 'pretty poor download speed at less than 2MB per second'.

In his latest video, he explained how it can really add up fast.

"Another place money can disappear fast is just internet connection," he explained.

"Every crew member has to pay for internet and it's on the pricier side. So if you're not careful... let's say you just like to scroll on TikTok. You like to get in bed at the end of the day and scroll for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, maybe in the morning you do the same.

Bryan in his cabin (YouTube/BryanJamesCruises)
Bryan in his cabin (YouTube/BryanJamesCruises)

"That's an hour right there. If you did that every single day for a month that's that's over $100 in just really, really light scrolling just to pass the time.

"So, boy, if you want to use it for like uploading videos like I do - oooft - get ready to spend a lot a lot of cash, honestly."

Guests on cruise ships also have to pay for Wi-Fi packages, meaning if you like to spend your downtime scrolling on TikTok or watching YouTube, bad news. It'll cost you a fair bit.

Royal Caribbean responded to its Wi-Fi costs last month, with a spokesperson telling LADbible: "Our crew experience is a top priority and essential to delivering the best vacations. It’s important we keep internet package offerings fresh and competitive to retain and attract top talent.

"Based on preferences, our crew members can purchase internet (surf & stream) by the minute across different plans, starting at $0.05. They can connect with friends and family via WhatsApp and WeChat, free of charge.

"Crew receive 120 minutes of complimentary surf and stream internet weekly. Throughout the year, crew receive additional complimentary internet time around holidays, from national/cultural holidays to maritime holidays such as Crew Appreciation Day."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/BryanJamesCruises

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