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People flooded with job offers after woman shares ChatGPT hack to prep for interviews

People flooded with job offers after woman shares ChatGPT hack to prep for interviews

Amazingly, some people said they've already had interview success after trying the hack out

People have been flooded with job offers after following the advice of one TikToker, who suggested using a ChatGPT hack to prepare for interviews.

Getting ready for interviews can be hugely stressful, given that you have to prepare for just about any question that may crop up.

But one marketing manager has the perfect answer, saying she’s turned to AI to come up with an interview hack that she says would work for any role.

Hanna Goefft (@hannagetshired) recently posted a video on TikTok, writing in the caption: “I don’t think I’ll ever get over hacking life with AI."

The Tiktoker shared the advice with her followers.

The hack essentially involves using ChatGPT to generate questions to prep with, based on what’s listed as important in the job description.

"This is the easiest way to prepare for interviews, and it will work for every single job,” Goefft said.

She told viewers to copy and paste the entire job description for the desired role into ChatGPT, adding: “Then we’re gonna tell it to generate interview questions for each bullet point in the job description and analyse the job description for the top 10 keywords."

Goefft, who is a marketing manager at a leading tech hiring marketplace, then showed a series of interview questions that were generated immediately.

She continued: "Look at all those interview questions! Then you want to brainstorm responses to each question and make sure that the examples you're giving in your responses are corresponding to these 10 keywords.

She used ChatGPT to generate interview questions to prep from.

“You don't necessarily need to say them explicitly, but you want your examples to demonstrate that you have these skills.

“This way you'll know that you're highlighting the most relevant pieces of your experience rather than just projects that you may be proud of, which might not always be the same thing."

Amazingly, the trick seems to have already worked for some people – with plenty of people in the comments section saying they’d had success after trying the hack out for themselves.

One person wrote: “I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and now I’m being flown to another state for a second interview at my dream job NO JOKE.”

Someone else commented: “I’ve been doing this for weeks and my interviews have gone so well! Have received 2 offers in 3 weeks!”

A third added: “This is the most helpful video I have seen on TikTok.”

A fourth wrote: “I have an interview tomorrow and will be doing this. Great video!”

When someone else pointed out that finding a job was a ‘full-time job’ in itself, Goefft replied: “Ain’t that the truth, that’s why I’m all about finding tools to hack it to make it easier!”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hannagetshired

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