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Motorcyclist Sent Flying Into The Air By Head On Crash Gets Straight Up To Confront Driver

Motorcyclist Sent Flying Into The Air By Head On Crash Gets Straight Up To Confront Driver

They're very VERY lucky to still be alive, as this jaw-dropping footage shows

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A motorbike rider and his passenger had a lucky escape when they went flying in the air after being hit head on by a car - but managed to almost immediately walk away from the accident.

By lucky escape, I do - of course - mean a "Holy shit! How on earth weren't they instantly killed" escape.

The car goes right through him - and his passenger - after veering into his path, and he cartwheels through the air before landing behind the car in a heap, right on the top of his head. It's a terrifying watch.

The incident, which happened in Vynohradiv, Ukraine, was captured by security cameras overhead.


It shows a car turning sharply and seemingly without an indication whatsoever and just ploughing through the two lads on the motorcycle.

Up into the air they both go, one dramatically somersaulting through the sky above the car, the other looking as if he sort of rolled across the top of the car and fell off the other side.

Miraculously, they both survived. One of them even dusts himself off and goes to give the driver of the black Mercedes car a piece of his mind.

To be quite honest, you'd have to have the patience of a saint not to want to have strong words with someone who served across your lane of the road and punted you off your bike and into the stratosphere.


He gets to the side of the car and starts shouting at the driver and gesticulating at his arm, which presumably is a bit sore.

His mate stays on the deck for a bit longer, then tries to get up before realising that his leg is injured and staying down on the floor.

To be honest, it's not a bad result if you end up in a huge collision and walk away with an injured leg and a sore arm - especially if it is not so sore that you can't go and give grief to the person who has just hit you.

These guys have seriously got somebody out there looking after them. With that kind of luck they should almost definitely have gone straight from the scene of the incident to buy a scratch card. Or a ticket for the Ukrainian lottery.


However, in a move that is potentially more sensible, one of them went to hospital - I'm guessing to have them look at his leg - according to reports in local newspaper Zakarpattya.

The only thing more sensible than that would be a direct trip to the pub - you'd need a stiff drink after that sort of ordeal.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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