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Lidl Ireland Is Searching For 'Biggest Fan' To Model Its New Clothing Line

Lidl Ireland Is Searching For 'Biggest Fan' To Model Its New Clothing Line

Attention all aspiring models looking to break into the industry via a discount supermarket's clothing line: Lidl Ireland is looking for someone to model its new range of clobber.

The winner will be featured wearing the gear across the supermarket's social channels, in its weekly leaflet and on a bloody billboard.

Lidl is looking for its 'BIGGEST fan' in Ireland for the gig. In a post on the Lidl Ireland Facebook page, the supermarket said: "Lidl's Next Top Model.


"Our much awaited Lidl merch blew up a few months ago and we're excited to announce it's dropping later this year and we need a real Lidl fan to help show it off!

"The winning customer will be featured wearing the gear on our social media channels, in our famous weekly leaflet AND on a billboard - take that, Kendall Jenner."

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is comment on the above Facebook post, explaining why you are the supermarket's biggest fan. The competition is open until next Wednesday (30 September), and after a winner is chosen, they will take part in a photoshoot in the clothing range, which is comprised of the likes of a Lidl t-shirt, trackie bottoms, socks and trainers.


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You'll face stiff competition if you do enter though, as the post has already racked up almost 1,000 comments since it was posted at around 10am today (23 September).


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One such comment reads: "Please Lidl, I love primary colours and I know I would look magnificent in Lidl merch, get people envious about how class I look so then they would only HAVE to buy Lidl merch of their own.

"I'm also a big advocate on Lidl bakery toffee yumyums and brownies so I would be more than happy to be a walking advertisement, I'm not even past getting a Lidl tattoo so you know I'm cool out.

"One of my favourite weekly activities is going to the random sh*te aisle, it brings me so much happiness, and so could you if you pick me up for this sweet shindig."


Another wrote: "Lidl is my absolute FAVOURITE shop and I have been eating your produce my WHOLE life.

"Since moving to Dublin and going to college Lidl has really helped me to keep a roof over my head with their exceptionally low prices. I would never ever shop in any other place as I would definitely become homeless in a matter of weeks.

"I would LOVE to have some Lidl merch as I think it's so stylish and I would definitely rock it around the streets of Dublin. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk."

So as you can see, the standard of applications is high. But you don't win the lottery without buying a ticket, and who knows, Lidl by Lidl, you could become the next Kate Moss.

Featured Image Credit: Lidl

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