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McDonald's Roasts Balenciaga With 'Shoes' Made From Fries Cartons

McDonald's Roasts Balenciaga With 'Shoes' Made From Fries Cartons

Last summer, Balenciaga debuted a pair of red, square-toe leather mules that looked uncannily like McDonald’s signature packaging

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Designer fashion can be a pretty subjective thing. While some people are happy to fork out thousands for a handbag, the rest of us would probably just rather bung all of our crap in a bag for life and save the cash for - well, literally anything else.

Some people are so obsessed with the label that they're not even arsed about whether or not the item in question actually looks like a McDonald's fries carton. Yup, true story.

Last summer, Balenciaga debuted a pair of red, square-toe leather mules that looked uncannily like McDonald's signature packaging.

Screenshots of the shoes listed on the Barneys New York website, shared on social media, revealed they were selling for $545.

The Balenciaga red mules.

Now McDonald's Sweden has joined in with the joke for Stockholm Fashion Week, sharing a photo of its version of the shoes, with a caption that read: "Om vi får 103042 likes släpper vi dessa riktigt."

If Swedish isn't your strong point, that roughly translates as: "If we get 103042 likes we release these for real."

The McDonald's 'shoes'.
Instagram/McDonald's Sweden

It currently has just over 15,000 likes, so there's a little way to go yet, but we've got faith.

Meanwhile, Balenciaga's fellow high fashion brand Gucci also came under fire recently for selling a pair of dirty-looking trainers, which have a pretty hefty price tag.

The Screener Leather Sneaker comes in three different designs, each with that lived-in 'vintage, distressed' effect that we all crave from years of wear, with the Gucci website referring to them as 'a pastiche of different influences that span across decades... inspired by vintage sportswear'.

The website explained: "Influenced by classic trainers from the '70s, the Screener sneakers - named for the defensive sports move - feature the Web stripe on the side and vintage Gucci logo, treated for an all over distressed effect."

Would you pay over £600 for a pair of grubby-looking sneakers?

But such innovation comes at a price, as these trainers will set you back an eye-watering $870 (£615) - and not all shoppers have been particularly impressed.

One person said on social media: "I've got a few filthy stained pairs like this left abandoned in the garden shed."

Another commented: "They're filthy. I don't think many fashion victims would want to spend that much on something that looks like it was thrown away 20 years ago."

Well, at least it's good to know the scruffy trainers and empty McDonald's fries boxes littering the floor of my car aren't actually that far from high fashion...

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's/Instagram

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