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Man Shares Story Of How He Found Out 'Older Sister' Is Actually His Mum

Man Shares Story Of How He Found Out 'Older Sister' Is Actually His Mum

His grandmother agreed to raise him as her own until he was old enough to know the truth

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A man has shared the story of how he found out his sister was actually has mum. Watch him explain here:

TikTok user Sham Griffs, from New York City, posted the video on social media, where he told his followers about the unusual story of how he found out things weren't exactly as they seemed when he was growing up.

He says: "OK, so a lot of you guys have been asking for story time, pertaining to a video I posted about my sister actually being my biological mother.

"So let me get right into it."

He says the story is actually quite straightforward, explaining: "OK so you know you always have that one family member that you just do everything with? You have an unbreakable bond, she had my back, I had her back. We fought - as all siblings do - siblings.

"But nobody on this planet could have come between us.

"So, my mom - honestly, this still feels weird to say - my mother, my biological mother - got pregnant at a young age, a typical teenage pregnancy.

"But being the type of person that she is, she never wanted to get an abortion, especially not for her first child, that was honestly out of the question."

He explains his grandmother told his biological mother she would raise him as her own until she got on her feet and until he was old enough to understand the truth.

He continues: "So they made an agreement that my grandma would raise me as her own kid until I reached the age of 18. But honestly, growing up, I always just felt that connection with my older sister.


"She always gave me such a mother vibe, as older sisters are supposed to, but it was just next level, I just felt like there's something they're not telling me, but I never questioned it, I grew up in a pretty loving household and I just never questioned it."

But the original plan didn't quite play out. He goes on: "So I turned 18 years old and nothing - 19, 20, nothing. I understand because based on what they told me they felt like I wasn't ready."

Sham added that he tries to see both sides of the story.

He said: "Stuff happens, that's life. So they didn't tell me until I turned 21. Nothing changed, it was shocking, but honestly it just made the relationship that we already had ten times better.

"I'm not gonna lie - that's my best friend."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sham.griffs

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