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Man Threatens To Kill Ex-Boss After He Didn't Accept Facebook Friend Request

Man Threatens To Kill Ex-Boss After He Didn't Accept Facebook Friend Request

He allegedly said he would 'murder him'

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A North Dakota man was arrested after allegedly threatening to kill his ex-boss and kicked his front door in after he didn't accept his friend request on Facebook after two days.

Caleb Burczyk, 29, was charged with burglary and terrorising on 29 December, according to court documents obtained by the Williston Herald.

Williams County Sheriffs Office

On Christmas Eve, Burczyk send a friend request to his old employer, who is unnamed. His most recent job was listed on his Facebook page, saying that he left that role in March.

After sending him the request, which went unanswered, Byrczyk went on to send threats, with one allegedly saying: "Accept my friend request or I'm going to murder you."

After two days on 26 December Burczyk then is reported to have said that there would be trouble, which didn't specify, but is thought to have implied that he would track down his ex-boss.


According to the charging documents it included a photo of his truck.

It's claimed that Burczyk threatened his ex-boss on other social media platforms, including on Snapchat.

Authorities also state that he posted a photo of him wearing a black vest and cap, with a long sleeve shirt, writing that his ex-boss' family would need a new door.


CCTV footage from Boxing Day shows the man kicking the front door in while wearing that same outfit.

Burczyk is due in court on 27 January for a preliminary hearing on the charges against him. His bond was set at $25,000.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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