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NASA Study Will Pay You £14k To Stay In Bed For Two Months

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NASA Study Will Pay You £14k To Stay In Bed For Two Months

NASA has unveiled the dream job for lazy buggers - lying in bed for a couple of months and getting paid €16,500 (£14,177) for your efforts. Not bad, eh?

The space agency, working in partnership with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is looking for healthy female recruits aged between 24 and 55 for its Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study, which researches the effect of weightlessness on the human body.

In total, the study lasts 89 days - five days of familiarisation, 60 days of bed rest and then 14 days of rest and astronaut rehab, which will have you back up and ready for normal life.


Participants are housed in a single room, where the room temperature is kept constant throughout and, for the 60 day period of lying down, everything is done while horizontal: eating, showering, going the toilet, the lot.

Of course, to stop participants from slowly dying of boredom, leisure activities such as watching TV and reading are allowed. The study's planners say you could use the time to take part in an online-course or learn a new skill, but I'm sure if you spend your time napping, re-watching The Wire and scrolling through social media, they won't care.

The study lasts 89 days, with 60 of those spent in bed. Credit: DLR
The study lasts 89 days, with 60 of those spent in bed. Credit: DLR

Those taking part in the study will also spend 30 minutes a day in a 'human centrifuge', which 'generates artificial gravity and distributes body fluids back into the body', according to the study's page. It sounds pretty unpleasant, but NASA promises that it's not 'like a carousel' and actually goes 'round slowly.


Naturally, there are a top team of scientific, physio-therapeutic and medical professionals on-hand should you need them.

Oh and if you're worried that all that time spent in bed might make you pile on the pounds, then don't because all meals are carefully planned out by nutritionists who will work out the number of calories you need to keep yourself healthy and nourished.

If that sounds a bit depressing, the study's page goes on to say: "The meals are not 'extra healthy' - there are sometimes pancakes or sweets - but it is for example cooked without additives or artificial sweeteners."


So, to recap, two months in bed, not having to speak to people other than researchers, pancakes and £14,000. SIGN ME UP IMMEDIATELY.

The study kicks off in September, with a number of follow up examinations, at the German Aerospace Centre in Cologne.

If you fancy it, you can apply here but you'll have to fight me for a place.

Featured Image Credit: DLR

Topics: Science, US News, Nasa

Claire Reid
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