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New Poll Reveals Leeds As The UK City With The Worst Dressed Men

New Poll Reveals Leeds As The UK City With The Worst Dressed Men

Over a third of women in the West Yorkshire big hitter think their other half dresses badly

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

The ballots have been cast and the votes have been counted, we can now reveal which city in Britain has the least stylish men.

A poll run by VoucherCodes asked women about their partner's dress sense, and they found out that more than a third of women in Leeds think that their partner has no idea at all when it comes to their clobber.

More than 20 percent of the women asked also thought that their significant other sometimes looks ridiculous.

Nearly 25 percent of women from the West Yorkshire city have taken steps to hide their man's clothes so he can't wear them, and 18 percent have even gone as far as to chuck items that they despise into the bin.

More than half of Leeds' long-suffering women have given up trying to change the way the man in their life looks, according to the research.


The worst offenders are clapped out, dirty trainers and shoes and Leeds United baseball caps (a fashion faux-pas no matter where you are).

Next up on the list was Birmingham, where nearly a quarter of women thought their bloke's style was a disgrace.

Anita Naik, the lifestyle editor of VoucherCodes, said: "It's eye opening to see the sheer volume of women who are unhappy with their partner's dress sense, and it does seem that there is a real rift in relationships caused by clothing choices.

"We believe that regardless of whether you're a despairing female who wants to spruce up your partner's wardrobe or an oblivious male who just wants to keep wearing what he likes, you can satisfy your significant other by saving money on what you buy."

The biggest criticisms tend to be that men dress like an old man (18 percent) or that their clothes are never ironed (13 percent).

Four out of five of the women who were asked said that they had confronted their man about his dress sense and half of those women found that he was mortally offended by the suggestion that he didn't look fly.


Half of the men just straight up didn't care and clearly think they look great.

Here's the full top 10:











Needless to say, the people of Leeds don't agree with the results. Some of them defended their style.

Data Journalist and Leeds resident Thierry Ngutegure said: "People create their own style because of the edgy nature of fashion in the city.

"Women might think we're badly dressed - but our style is just unique."

However, writer Charly Bowen said: "They wear cool brands but all look the same. There are clothes my boyfriend wears I'm not keen on."

Where do you stand?

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