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Newlywed Who Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex Discovers Husband Has Micropenis

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Newlywed Who Waited Until Marriage To Have Sex Discovers Husband Has Micropenis

We're constantly told that it's not the size of the boat that really matters, it's the motion of the ocean. But do you know what else is important in life? Honesty.

It's a virtue that's been drilled into our heads since we were small - and yet it seems one guy may not have got the memo, having married someone without forewarning her about his 'micropenis' until their honeymoon.

In Reddit forum Am I The Asshole, the newlywed wife shared the story from her side, captioning it: "Newlywed husband (32M) wanted to wait til marriage for sex and just surprised me (27F) with micropenis on the honeymoon."


The 27-year-old explained she and her husband had never got down to business before marriage - not because either one of them was religious, but because her fella claimed to be 'old-fashioned'.

She wrote: "So, we only dated for six months. We've been engaged for another six and just got married on Saturday. I literally just got back from my honeymoon a couple hours ago.

"My husband isn't a religious guy, he just says he is 'old-fashioned like that'. We got close to fooling around a couple times but it never went far. I tried, but he always stopped after it went 'too far'.

"Anyway, fast forward to now...


"Am I the asshole for reading into this and being upset that I waited until my wedding night to find out that he probably isn't as 'old-fashioned' as he says he is?"

It's not always the size that matters, remember... Credit: PA
It's not always the size that matters, remember... Credit: PA

The disappointed wife continued: "I'm not going to shame him and honestly I don't even know how I'll broach the topic (and I'm not seeking advice). I honestly just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary and went to town with him, but... I dunno. I kind of feel lied to. Like a half-truth...or something was intentionally withheld from me. This was unexpected, to say the least. And if you read this far, thanks for your time."

While some Reddit users commented to say that six months into a relationship was 'too soon' to get engaged or that if size had been important to her, she 'should have snuck a peak', most seemed to sympathise with the woman's predicament.


"I think this goes beyond size being important," one person wrote. "Most women are happy with their man's peen even if it's below average in size. She probably didn't even consider the possibility of a micropeen."

Another agreed, commenting: "This is a serious trust issue. it's not the size that's at issue here, it's the fact that #1, he didn't trust her enough to tell her, and #2, now she cannot trust him not to be dishonest."


Responding to those saying she should have given the 'car' a 'test drive', a third said: "He did deceive her, though. She was more than willing to test drive, yet he denied her the possibility because he knew she'd discover his little secret."

Others asked for further details, with someone asking: "I think we need clarification on micropenis here. Are we talking on the small side, or non-functional?"

Let's hope the couple are working through this one - but take note, folks: honesty usually is the best policy, as this proves the truth usually comes out in the end.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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