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Prospector Finds Rare Gold Nugget Worth £14,700

Prospector Finds Rare Gold Nugget Worth £14,700

The hefty nugget was uncovered in Western Australia

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A treasure hunter in Australia uncovered a hefty piece of gold that could be worth more than £14,700 (AUD $26,600), according to reports.

The pricey nugget was found in Kalgoorlie, east of Perth, by an unnamed gold digger, and weighing in at 284 grams it's thought to be around 95 percent pure gold.

The incredible find was shared on Facebook by gold-buying page The Prospectors Patch.

Sharing a couple of photos of the chunky nugget, the site wrote: "A very nice and fresh out of the ground 10oz nugget.

"Kalgoorlie is 'spitting' them out at the moment."

And the stroke of luck didn't escape the page's followers, with dozens piping up to congratulate the owner of the precious metal.

Commenting on the post, one person said: "Absolutely fantastic luck! Good on your good fortune! What a FIND! Well done."

The hefty nugget is said to worth around £14,700.
The Prospectors Patch

"Well done good on ya," chimed another.

A third put: "Very Very Nice."

While another simply gasped: "Wow."

If you're after some treasure for yourself, but don't fancy roaming the land looking it, and don't have £15,000 to hand to buy this little lot, you could always order a 24 carat gold PS5 instead.

Not only is it a lot less fuss, at 'just' £8,099 ($10,500) it's also much cheaper.

Last month, Luxury retailer Truly Exquisite announced that it was accepting pre-orders, with a choice of gold, platinum, and rose gold consoles.

And if you want to save a bit of dollar, you can always get a slightly more modest version for a bit less.

To justify it to yourself, the price includes two matching DualSense controllers, and even a PS5 3D Pulse headset - it's basically paying for itself, isn't it?

Or if it's a bit out of your price range, you could go for a gold PS5?
Truly Exquisite

If you feel like you want and deserve more than just a bog-standard PS5, then this is clearly for you. You even get a 'luxury wooden display box' and free shipping and insurance - bargain.

But the more 'extra' gamers among us will want to act fast - there are 250 of each model and finish to go around and then they're done.

If bling ain't your thing, but you still want something a bit different, the new PS5 is likely to have other finishes.

In an interview in July, PlayStation's head of worldwide marketing Eric Lempel was asked whether the games company would be releasing different colours.

With the energy of a parent who is sick of excited kids asking questions, he said: "We'll talk about it at some point. It's a hard enough job to get the unit that we showed out but we'll talk about it at some point."

Featured Image Credit: The Prospectors Patch

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