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Ultra-rare supercar worth £300k mysteriously found abandoned in scrapyard

Ultra-rare supercar worth £300k mysteriously found abandoned in scrapyard

The exotic supercar was found with no explanation in the middle of the rainforest

Imagine stumbling upon a priceless exotic supercar while going on your afternoon walk.

It must be insane right?

Well it seems like someone has now experienced this oddly specific scenario and shared their findings on Instagram.

In a video posted on account @supercar.fails, the person is in a scrapyard in Myanmar when he finds the dream car sitting under a shed, neglected and slightly damaged.

Revealed to be the exotic Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce (SV), the stunning ride costs a 'modest' £300,000.

Pocket change. Not for me, but for someone I'm sure.

This model also does 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds and has a blistering top speed of 217mph, with the 750 in its name represents the amount of horsepower the car boasts - for all you petrol-heads out there.

Only 600 of these beauties were put into production, further highlighting the prestige of the Italian supercar.

The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the rarest cars ever made by the manufacturer.
Gerlach Delissen/Corbis via Getty Images

Found in the tropical scrapyard with a dented windshield, shattered windows, shards of glass and boxes littering the interior, car enthusiasts have been left perplexed by why someone would have left a car this rare and stunning to die.

Well, an explanation may have been provided, as local media outlet The Irrawaddy has revealed that the car belongs to one of Myanmar's richest families.

They were part of a crime syndicate, which consisted of four families, who made their fortunes illegally by carrying out drug trafficking and online fraud, with activities being covered by the domestic military.

Operating near the Chinese border in the Shan State’s Kokang region, the syndicate were often rescued by military helicopters when their town was attacked, according to reports.

However, they were foiled in the latter months of 2023 as the "Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army" (MNDAA), an armed organisation, took the syndicate apart and confiscated property and belongings in the process.

The Lamborghini is presumed to be a part of this.

Users made their thoughts known in the comments of the post.

One user explained: "This was one of Myanmar's gov cars that the rebel took when they raided the house. Myanmar currently is in war fighting the junta."

The car was found with boxes on the seats in a Myanmar scrapyard.

Another joked: "At least they put cardboard down to protect the seats!"

A third suggested it was stolen: "But the battery still has charge?", with a thinking emoji.

Whether the car was given up, confiscated or stolen, it was still found sitting in the corner of a scrapyard with no rightful owner.

It is unclear what happened to the Aventador after its discovery in the video.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@supercar.fails

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