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Shoplifter Caught Thanks To His 'I Pooped Today' T-Shirt

Shoplifter Caught Thanks To His 'I Pooped Today' T-Shirt

A man stealing goods from Walmart was caught by police thanks to his rather unique outfit choice



A shoplifter has been jailed after he was caught by police thanks to a rather unique t-shirt that featured the words 'I pooped today' on the front. You could say he landed himself in deep s*** (sorry).

John Hunt was wearing the novelty shirt as he distracted staff members at a Walmart in Wichita Falls, Texas, allowing his alleged partner in crime Kevin LaPointe to jack items from the store.


Local reports claim the pair were chased by staff after stealing a number of expensive items, but were too quick and managed to escape with the goods.

After calling the police, the Walmart employees highlighted the distinctive tee in their description of the thief.

One of the cops immediately recalled the exact same item of clothing from images of Hunt in a separate robbery.

According to Metro, the latest bust is just one on a long list of the shoplifter's previous arrests spanning back to 2014, with charges including assault, theft and driving without a seatbelt.

After cops caught up with him this time round, Hunt pleaded guilty to his crimes and on Friday (31 July) he was jailed for nine months.

Hunt's alleged accomplice Kevin LaPointe, who has not yet entered a plea to his charges.
Wichita County Sheriff's Office

The judge charged him for shoplifting twice from Walmart, including two home security systems worth $600 (£450), as well as thieving electricity from a meter - although two further indictments were dropped due to his guilty plea.

As for his alleged accomplice, LaPointe still has pending charges for the same incident as he was recognised by the same set of CCTV images that led to Hunt's arrest. If he is guilty, he no doubt rues the day he allowed his partner to wear such a ridiculous tee on a heist.

Speaking of unusual robbery attire, there must be something in the water, as two people over in Virginia were recently spotted shoplifting while wearing watermelons on their heads.

And if that weren't hilarious enough, local police sent out a statement asking anyone with information about the thieves to report it to the Louisa Police Department using the reference case 'MELON-HEADS'.

Louisa Police Department

Even more hilariously, one person commented on the department's Facebook post with a picture of the two suspects at a different store.

Unfortunately, in the business of robbery, trademark looks do not serve you well - just like Hunt, this pair learned the hard way and their unique disguise led to an arrest. Womp, womp.

Featured Image Credit: Wichita County Jail

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