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Irish ​Tourists In Magaluf Arrested After Trying To Pay For Drinks With Monopoly Money

Irish ​Tourists In Magaluf Arrested After Trying To Pay For Drinks With Monopoly Money

According to reports, the two tourists were drunk and tried to pay for their drinks using the fake notes they had found

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Two 18-year-old Irish tourists have been arrested after attempting to pay for drinks with Monopoly-style money, Spanish newspaper Ultima Hora reports.

The alleged incident took place in a popular pub in Punta Ballena, where the two unnamed teenagers drunkenly stumbled upon banknotes on the floor of the bar, which apparently looked like Monopoly money.

The notes were apparently part of a promotion from the pub, which were stylised to take the form of Monopoly banknotes. They were reportedly fake photocopies with an English inscription, which made it obvious the notes were not legal currency.

According to reports, the two tourists then tried to pay for their drinks using the notes they had found.

Police in Magaluf.

However, the bar's waitress noticed they were not legal tender and called the manager over.

Local police were then called to the pub, who reportedly found a large amount of the banknotes on the teens.

After the two were arrested, police were also ordered to check their hotel room, but nothing illegal was discovered there.

The suspects were charged with a non-serious crime of fraud and released on bail by a judge. It is unclear whether or not Spanish police have taken any further action, or if the teenagers are still in Spain or have left the country.

Earlier this summer, however, Ultima Hora reported that it wasn't just tourists causing trouble in the Spanish party hotspot.

Punta Balena Strip in Magaluf.

According to the newspaper, 'tens of tourists' had been targeted on the Magaluf strip in robberies, following the arrest of eight people of Senegalese origin - with cops recovering high-end mobile phones, SIM cards, wallets and watches.

The City Council of Calvià outlined that the groups believed to be responsible for the muggings are also engaged in street vending and claim they steal from drunk tourists using the method of 'bear hugging'.

According to The Sun, they work in pairs - one approaches a holidaymaker and gets them in a vice-like grip from behind while their accomplice steals possessions, including jewellery, mobile phones, wallets and watches. Another member of the group acts as a lookout.

The publication spoke to a businessman who said: "They are real specialists in stealing. They do it in a matter of seconds and most victims don't report it."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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