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Theorists Doubt ESA's Account Of Mysterious Object Entering Earth's Atmosphere

Theorists Doubt ESA's Account Of Mysterious Object Entering Earth's Atmosphere

Another day, another space conspiracy theory. Yawn. This time, the tin-foil hatters believe that scientists are hiding something from us after a "meteorite" entered Earth's atmosphere. Watch the video here:


Footage, taken by the International Space Station by the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli and released by the European Space Agency, shows the flaming object falling to Earth at impressive speed.

Experts have said that it's simply a meteor, burning up as it enters the Earth's atmosphere at around 85,000mph. Not according to the Secureteam, a 'research outlet' which claims to expose UFO sightings and government cover-ups.

The Secure team is suspicious at how quickly the ESA has released the footage to the press, saying "they've never jumped on a story so fast." Hmm.


"I don't think it's a meteorite at all," said Tyler Glocker, who runs the Secureteam site, in a video released on YouTube.

"What many people may not realise is that this video is a time lapse. You're seeing the Earth spinning at a high rate of speed and we see this flash of light coming from space."

In the video, Tyler concedes that the object does look to be moving at 85.000mph.

"But when you account how fast the Earth would have actually been moving," he adds, "had this not been sped up, it would have been moving much, much slower. Speeds that are slower than even the slowest meteorites."

The reason Tyler is skeptical of this object is because astronauts have never captured footage of meteorites before, with the footage always captured from Earth instead.

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He also says that something is up because the small object is coming into the atmosphere at "too steep an angle".

The comparison Tyler makes is worth a photo of a meteor taken in 2011 during the annual Perseid meteor shower.

In that photo, the rocket has an unmistakable fiery tail, leaving us in no doubt that it's a meteor. In this case, there's no tail to be seen.

"If you compare this to what they are calling a meteor in this new footage, at no time does this so called meteor look like anything that was captured back in 2011 - it just doesn't," said Tyler.

"It's a short, stubby object that looks nothing like the other meteor here. We can see this discharge, the energy coming from here vanish."

Credit: YouTube/ESA

The astronaut Nespoli admitted that the object "could be space debris", a claim that the ESA quickly ruled out.

As you'd expect, the difference between the two accounts has led Tyler to believe that he's onto something.

"Why did they do this?" he said. "Why were they so adamant about publishing this when when they've never jumped on a story so fast?

"Why are they claiming it to be a meteor if they aren't sure? Why aren't they going to the suspected location where this is meant to be falling, and recover it?

"Why does it look nothing like a meteor? Why are they only giving us the sped-up time lapse version and pretending it's just a normal speed?"

Compared to all the tiresome Niburu stuff, this conspiracy theory looks a bit more slippery. Depends whether you trust highly trained astronauts or just a random bloke on the Internet, I suppose.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ESA

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