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New footage of 'alien bodies' unveiled by Mexican government has people questioning their real size

New footage of 'alien bodies' unveiled by Mexican government has people questioning their real size

People are somehow having doubts about the 'aliens' the Mexican government is showing off

Despite the Mexican government unveiling so-called bona fide proof that aliens exist and have visited us, there are some people questioning whether the whole thing is real or not.

Mexico caused quite the stir when it displayed two supposedly 'alien bodies' during a public hearing, with the alleged extra-terrestrials supposedly recovered from Cusco, Peru and being hundreds of years old.

Apparently, one of the aliens was around 700 years old while the other had just three fingers on one hand and was 1,800 years old.

Ufologist Jaime Maussan, who has been associated with a range of debunked claims of aliens in the past, claimed that 30 percent of the DNA of the creatures was 'unknown' as he alleged that these little bodies were 'not part of our terrestrial evolution'.

The Mexican government has released 'X-ray' scans of the alleged 'alien bodies' and people aren't sure what to think, though many are convinced this whole thing is just a hoax.

These guys better have come in peace because if they're trying to start something we'd absolutely crush them.

Scepticism that we've discovered life which originated on another planet has only grown due to new footage of work being done on the supposed alien bodies.

In particular, people are calling bulls**t on the aliens because they're absolutely tiny and in the same video there's a hand supposedly taken from one of the creatures which is as big as they are.

It's leading people to wonder 'what in tarnation is going on' and others to joke that the 'aliens' have come from the 'paper mache galaxy'.

Someone else said: "I just cannot buy that with all the wildly different, weird and insane-looking creatures on Earth alone, an alien visiting from a different universe/lightyears away would be built so similarly to us, but smol."

One person guessed that within a few days, they'd find the supposed aliens would actually 'all be bird bones and glue' as their supposed discoverer had been debunked before.

This is meant to be one of the alien hands but it's as big as the creature itself. You don't think it's a hoax, do you?

Others have slammed the 'alien bodies' as the 'fakest s**t ever lmao' and if you'll forgive us for not believing that we've discovered another species this would be a truly weird way to learn that aliens are zipping around our galaxy.

More joked that if these aliens really were real then we'd have absolutely nothing to fear from them as 'they're like 1.5ft tall' and if it came to an interplanetary war 'we'll easily batter them'.

Even if they had incredibly advanced rayguns which could turn people into dust at the push of a button it's hard to see tiny aliens which would barely come up to your knees posing much of a threat.

A decent breeze would be enough to topple those aliens.

Featured Image Credit: X/@Truthpole

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