​Vaping Causes Cancer, Says New E-cigarette Research

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​Vaping Causes Cancer, Says New E-cigarette Research

A new study has delivered a big warning after finding that vaping causes mutations in DNA which can cause cancer.

Experts at the New York University carried out the research which involved exposing a human and mice bladder and lung cells to e-cig smoke and watching what damage it caused.

Let's face it, we all know any sort of smoking isn't really good for you but the finding that the cells mutated when hit by the smoke is a bit of a concern.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The new research by Moon-shong Tang is set to be published today and it will contradict the previous suggestions that vaping was healthier for you than normal smoking.

"Based on these results, we propose that [e-cigarette vapour] is carcinogenic and that E-cig smokers have a higher risk than nonsmokers to develop lung and bladder cancer and heart diseases," reads the research.

A leading tobacco company, Philip Morris, had recently wanted to market a new e-cigarette device, IQOS, as a healthier option but the Food and Drug Administration rejected that idea a few days ago.

The research found that vaping does include fewer cancer causing chemicals than normal smoking but vapers could be at greater risk of lung and bladder cancers and heart diseases. That's a worry.


These latest findings follow research conducted by the University of North Carolina in October 2017, which also found that vaping was just as harmful as dodgy for your health.

Dr Mehmet Kesimer, who led the study said: "There is confusion about whether e-cigarettes are 'safer' than cigarettes because the potential adverse effects of e-cigarettes are only beginning to be studied.

"Our results suggest that e-cigarettes might be just as bad as cigarettes."

The New York University study authors have said that it is teens who are becoming the most prominent vapers and the researchers say this could be because they think there is less risk involved in terms of their health.


A survey in 2015 found that 16 percent of American high school students replied that they used e-gis. That makes vaping the most popular nicotine product among kids.

However, more recently that number has been seen to drop and that has led to speculation that teenagers are now more likely to use tobacco.



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