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Woman Arrested After Attacking Pregnant Black Soldier

Woman Arrested After Attacking Pregnant Black Soldier

A 72-year-old woman has been arrested after she was filmed assaulting two female black soldiers, one of whom was pregnant.

The now-viral footage was captured by Lakeycia Ward, who posted the clip to her YouTube and social media channels.


She explained that the woman, Judy Tucker, had become annoyed when the two soldiers apparently blocked her from getting into their handicapped parking spot.

Ward wrote: "This gentleman and his mom was hostile about the two soldiers not waiting for them to reverse back into their handicap parking spot for her handicapped husband instead they went around and proceeded to park in there own separate parking spot.

"So he then followed them inside the restaurant being verbally abusive calling them black lesbians shouting 'The military lets lesbians serve?'
"So at that point I start recording and here's the video."


The incident took place at a Cheddars restaurant in Macon, Georgia.

Further footage, filmed outside of the restaurant, reportedly shows Tucker crying as she is arrested.

The Daily Mail reports that other witnesses also claim Tucker's son had followed the soldiers inside before verbally abusing them, calling them 'gay black b*****s'.

Tucker was also heard saying: "Put that phone down! You do not have the right to take a picture of me!"

Credit: YouTube/Lakeycia Ward
Credit: YouTube/Lakeycia Ward

One of the unnamed soldiers tells Tucker than she is pregnant, to which Tucker replies: "Well, my husband is handicapped."

Tucker's husband does not seem to appear in any of the video footage.

People commenting on the video were shocked by the incident, which labelled both 'sexist' and 'racist'.

One YouTuber wrote: "This video is going to have an annoying debate whether or not racism was involved.

"Yes, there was racism. Read the description box.

"Sexism plays a part where he did make a snarky remark asking if the baby was the woman's friend."

Another said: "Sad to see someone in their autumn years unable to control their temper. You can tell she's gotten away with s**t like this her entire life."

Someone else wrote: "Georgia. Where brave Americans who serve our country in the military are treated with contempt. Nice."

Speaking about Tucker's son, another said: "If all that came out of his mouth, he certainly is not a gentleman!"

The Daily Mail reports that Tucker was arrested on simple battery charges, and was booked into Bibb County Jail. She has since been released on bail.

Featured Image Credit: Lakeycia Ward/YouTube

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