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Australian Claims Yowie Tried To Attack Her On Country Road

Australian Claims Yowie Tried To Attack Her On Country Road

The database of Australian Yowie Research has shared the anonymous woman's story of her apparent encounter

A woman has claimed that a yowie tried to attack her on a country road in Mount Jerusalem National Park, Australia.

WTF's a yowie, I hear you cry? Well, it's sort of like an Aussie version of Bigfoot, but this one's reputed to live in the Outback, and its origins stem from Aboriginal oral history.

While Northern Star reports that it's been 'years' since a local yowie sighting, the database of Australian Yowie Research has shared the anonymous woman's story of her apparent encounter.

The woman said that she had been at cricket training, and was driving back from Uki to Mullumbimby, and had taken a detour along a dirt road.

She'd gone over a cow crossing when she needed to pull over for a wee - which was the moment she heard something, a noise that she did not recognise.

"I did a howl to see if it was a feral dog and what not, and I got a response," the woman wrote.

"I did some more howling and I got more back. Then I got a growl and a grunting, so I got my cricket bat out.

"When it started doing tree knocking back at me, I thought 'Oh yeah, it's someone playing silly buggers with me', but there's no houses out there, it's just bush. I thought it must have been some smart ass out there playing a joke on me."

The woman said it knocked twice, so she knocked twice back.

"I thought 'stuff this' and did a howl and a scream - that's when everything went pear-shaped."

She remembers hearing thumping coming down the hill into the gully in front of her - at first thinking it could have been a kangaroo. But this, whatever it was, sounded heavier.

"I heard a scream, grunt and growl all in one. I jumped in my car turned my high beams on and there it was standing in front of me."

She continued to explain what it looked like, saying it was '6 to 7ft tall and full of hair and it had breasts'.


"It had a face with eyes about golf ball size, it had really long hair which as a guess would have been about 5inches long."

The woman added: "The eyes glowed with or without the light bar. It smelt like five week old road kill.

"It wasn't a person in a suit. It had breasts. I wish I had got a photo. I really wish I had got a photo. It had hair down its cleavage and hair around and on top of its breasts. Some parts of the breasts had hair and some parts without hair.

"The hair colour was a light brown, but the skin colour was blacker. The hair around the face was a light brown. The hair around the hands was black. The rest was light to darkish brown."

Referring to the sight as 'the scariest thing I've ever seen', the woman said that its face resembled that of a gorilla's.

"Instead of being round like a human face, this was more of an oval size. It had big golf ball size eyes. Most reports you read tell of red eyes, but these were reddish-blue and they lit up with my light bar on. It had a nose that looked pushed-in type of thing. It had a beard, and hair over its top lip.

"One thing I found strange about it was the mouth. The human mouth is small, this one's mouth was 5 to 7" long. It had a big mouth on it. I didn't see any teeth because its mouth wasn't open."

If only she'd managed to take that photo...

Featured Image Credit: Stock images from Sunshine Coast Yowie Research

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